Widow's Fans
Weapon boss fans
Lifesteal (1233-1997)
Star31-52 Widow
Base Stats
Weapon attack760-1333 Critical chanceN/A
Gold N/A Ruby N/A
Upgrade Data
Level Upgrade
Ruby 79 Weapon attack+7
Regular Upgrade
Ruby 9 Weapon attack+6
Widow's Fans are a boss weapon in Shadow Fight 2, it be obtained by defeating Widow again in Eclipse mode. The fans function like dual blades weapons except for their super slash. Some of their attacks are also slightly stronger than dual blades. They have variable stats and enchantment power depending upon the player's level. They are enchanted with the Lifesteal Enchantment. The formula for the power of the Lifesteal enchantment is as follows:
[3639 / 100 * level + 105]

Attack Overview Edit

  • Fans Slash: Character bends forward and swings a fan horizontally.
  • Fans Double Slash: Character bends forward, swings one fan horizontally, and swings the other fan horizontally.
  • Fans Heavy Slash: Character steps forward, bends forward, and swings a fan downward.
  • Fans Super Slash: Character bends forward, steps forward, swings one fan downward, steps forward, swings the other fan downward, and throws both fans forward, which return to him.
  • Fans Spinning Slash: Character pivots on one foot while swinging a fan horizontally.
  • Fans Upper Slash: Character swings a fan horizontally at an upward angle.
  • Fans Low Slash: Character pivots on one foot, kneels, and swings a fan horizontally.

Trivia Edit

  • It's one of several weapons that can be thrown by the player, the others being the other fans (Emerald Cutters and Fans Of Passion) and the staves. 
  • Fans were in fact used by women as weapons in ancient times.

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