Man trident

Whaler is the fifth and final bodyguard of Wasp. He is one of Wasp's henchmens. Whaler uses Trident. He wears black pants and a black jacket, both with a red trim and a red bandana. He also has bronze wrist guards and black, finger-less gloves.

Quotes Edit

  • What's that silly girl gotten herself into now? If it weren't for me, Wasp would be long dead. You're just another mess for me to clean up! - Before battling him
  • If only the Pirate King were here – none of this would be happening! Damn that girl and her selfish acts! - After defeating him


  • He is the only enemy in the game to use Trident.
  • His name is marine-themed, as are all bodyguards of Wasp .

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