Boss vortex
Basic Information
Name Vortex
Type Raid-Boss
Role Eternal
Status Alive
Gender Male
Further Information
Act Underworld
Dan 3
Shield 19 000
Time limit 12 : 40
Equipment and Perks
Weapon Silver Glaive
Ranged Weapon Fish
Magic(s) Water Ball

Vortex is the fourth Eternal encountered in Underworld, the multiplayer mode of Shadow Fight 2. He is one of the four bosses of the first floor (Along with VolcanoMegalith, and Fungus), and the last boss of the first floor. Vortex has a shield of 19000 points which has to be destroyed in 12 minutes and 40 seconds by eight players before they can finish him. He wields Silver Glaive as weapon and use fishes as ranged weapons. The players need to reach Dan 3 before they can challenge him.

The players can obtain the keys to fight him by defeating Fungus. One particular daily quests also will rewards the players with Vortex key upon completed. If the players does not have any Vortex keys, they can buy one key for 50 gems.

In battle, Vortex is extremely aggressive and his moves are very fast compared to standard enemies. He is immune to the Stun enchantment.

After he is defeated, Vortex will mentions the one that rules over the Eternals. Vortex states that he has no mercy and has no desire to understand humans.


In order to challenge Vortex, players require:

  • 1 Key3
  • Dan 3

Perk and Enchantment Edit

  • Block Breaker IconBlockBreaker

A chance to bypass player's block.

  • PrecisionEnchantmentCriticalChance

Vortex's fishes are enchanted with Precision, allowing him to make a Critical Hit with increased damage.

Rewards Edit

Defeating Vortex will reward the players with Fatum Key. They may receive additional rewards such as small or medium-sized Charges of Darkness or the Keys for Fungus or Vortex. Players have a chance to receive one of the rewards listed below.

1st PlaceEdit

2nd-8th PlaceEdit

Quotes Edit

Dark waters will engulf the earth and the Gates of Shadows! Their secret will be lost in the abyss. And there will be no one left on the surface to tell it! - Vortex Appears

For thousands of years I've watched the withering of your kind. There is some beauty in it. I think I shall keep you alive, just for fun. - Players are failed to defeat Vortex

For the first time in thousand years a human wins. Your will to live is so strong! But whatever you do, the end shall be the same: you will die. - After Vortex is defeated

Your fate is already decided, you only choose the way in which your lives shall end. But the decision belongs not to me, but to the one who knows no mercy. - In response to Sensei

We have been dealing with humans for so long that we've learned to understand you. But the one who rules us had no such desire. You will soon know that. - Last words of Vortex

Huh, isn't it freezing? The Underworld is cold, too, but this is too much! But don't you humans have a feast to celebrate winter? What kind of beings are you?! - Christmas update

Frozen almost to death, poor mortal thing... But who dares doing our job? Who's stealing our vocation - and all our fun? I smell something unfamiliar... - Christmas update

Trivia Edit

  • Vortex is one of the two enemies that use an unobtainable ranged weapon (fish), the other being Titan.

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