Underworld is the multiplayer mode of Shadow Fight 2. It features online raid-style battles which allow players to team up together with other players to tackle the bosses. The bosses, called the Eternals, are powerful beings that have lived for thousands of years and they started to aim to destroy the world after the Gates of Shadows are opened. Playing Underworld is completely optional, players can enter it anytime after they defeat Dandy, Lynx's fifth bodyguard. After defeating Titan, Shadow ends up in the Underworld.

Username Edit

Players can enter the Underworld by tapping the Raid down icon on the bottom right of the map.

The first time a player enters the Underworld, they will be prompted to enter a username. Only Latin letters and numbers can be used, within a 3-10 character frame (no spaces). Once a player confirms their username, it cannot be changed.

Gameplay Edit

Each boss has a shield and the players must destroy it within a given time frame before they can finish the boss. After all the shield is destroyed, players can finish the boss in a final one-on-one battle. If they lose the final fight, they can repeat it until they win. Each raid fight consists of one round, lasting 45 seconds. Players can buy or obtain several items like charges of darkness and potions to aid them to deal additional damage or survive longer. There are certain things that make the raid fights differ from other fights:

  • The level and stats of all equipment does not affect raids.
  • No perks work in raids.
  • Underworld bosses are more aggressive than other enemies.
  • They are immune to the Stun enchantment.

Underworld Edit

In the first tier of the Underworld, there are four bosses.

Eternals Edit

Volcano - Eternal armed with Ornamental Sabers and Fire Pillar.

Megalith - Eternal armed with Coral Prickles and Ice Pillar.

Fungus - Eternal armed with Two-handed Cudgel and Monk's Amulet.

Vortex - Eternal armed with Silver Glaive and Water Ball. Requires Dan 3.

Special Bosses Edit

They are the special bosses encountered in the first floor, available to be fought during the special events of the game (Halloween, Christmas, New Year... etc). Fights with them carry random rules in each round.

Bosses Edit

Morgana - Halloween 2016 special boss, armed with Pain and Panic.

Whisper - Halloween 2017 special boss, armed with Death's Jaw. Requires Dan 2.

Freeze - Christmas 2017 special boss, armed with Ringing Spruce Whirl.

Candy - New Year 2018 special boss, armed with Surprise Waffles. Requires Dan 2.

Underworld : Tier 2 Edit


There are 3 bosses in tier 2: Fatum, Arkhos and Hoaxen. Players need to reach certain Dans before they can fight any boss in Tier 2. Fights with them carry random rules in each round.

Eternals Edit

Fatum - Eternal armed with Grim Scythe. Fifth Boss. Requires Dan 4

Arkhos - Eternal armed with The Sting. Sixth Boss. Requires Dan 5

Hoaxen - Eternal armed with Harrier Hooks. Seventh Boss. Requires Dan 6

Underworld: Tier 3 Edit


This tier has one boss whose name and appearance is currently unknown.

Eternals Edit

??? - Requires Dan 8


Charges Edit

Charges of Darkness are items that can deal damage to the bosses. They work like thrown Magic, except for the Large Charges, which have a unique animation. When throwing a Charge, the character will become invulnerable to melee attacks.


Minor Charge of Darkness

  • Minor Charges of Darkness

Deal a random damage between 75-84. Can be bought for 5 gems. It is the easiest charge to get. Player can get it as reward from beating any Eternal, daily quests, first place chest, and at the end of a season.


Medium Charge of Darkness

  • Medium Charges of Darkness 

Deal a random damage between 500-531. One can be bought for 25 gems, while 10 of them only cost 175. It is harder to get (compared to the small charges). Player can get it as reward from difficult daily quests, at the end of season, and by defeating Fungus, Vortex, Fatum, Arkhos, and Hoaxen.


Large Charge of Darkness

  • Large Charges of Darkness 

Deal a random damage between 1000-1021. One can be bought for 35 gems, while 10 of them only cost 299. It is the hardest charge to get. Unlike the small and medium charges, the large charge cannot be dodged. Players can get it by reaching first place in raids with Arkhos and Hoaxen.

Elixir Edit

Elixirs are items that can give a buff to the players. They last one round, and only one can be used at a time. There are different types of elixirs, with each type giving a unique buff.

Potion rock


  • Crag

Players can withstand any Critical Hit without falling to the ground, similar to the Rock perk. Can be bought for 15 gems or 50 Coins of Love.

  • Magic Source

Every hit taken will increase the players' magic recharge, similar to the Magic Recharge enchantment. Can be bought for 15 gems or 50 Coins of Love.

Potion magic

Magic Source

  • Steel Hedgehog

Each time the players take a hit, they will reflect a percentage of damage to the enemy, similar to the Damage Return enchantment. Can be bought for 15 gems or 50 Coins of Love.

Potion spikes

Steel Hedgehog

Horn Edit

In development

Rewards Edit

Player will receive rewards at the end of a season, which last for three days. The rewards depend on the players' score and position at the League leader-board. The rewards are a supply of small and medium charges, raid keys, and a small amount of gems. Players at the 1st-5th place also have a chance to get a random item from the Monk's Set. The Monk items obtained this way will only be enchanted with tempest rage (no simple enchantment)

Dan Edit

Main article: Dan (SF2)

Dan is a level-like system. All players start with Dan 1. By accumulating enough score, they will receive a Dan promotion at the end of the season, along with additional rewards. Higher Dan allows players to fight bosses with Dan requirements. Currently, the highest Dan is 7.

Clan Edit

Main article: Clan (SF2)

Player can join a clan or create their own clan in Underworld. Being in clan will give player the advantages to fight bosses together with their clan members. It also provides a better chance to gather players during match-up.

Tips Edit

  • Using certain weapons may allow the player to perform better in raids.
  • Obtaining Ranged Weapon and Magic can increase the player's performance. Ranged weapon is unlocked after defeating Lynx, and Magic is unlocked after defeating Hermit.
  • Enchantments can increase the player's performance. Players can enchant their equipment with Shadow Orbs that can be won from eclipse mode, or they can use pre-enchanted equipment such as the Monk's set, demon weapons, special event weapons, and gem-purchased equipment.
  • Charges can help players in dealing damage.
  • Collecting the Monk's Set will unlock the Mythical enchantment Tempest Rage. Monk's Set and Tempest Rage can increase the player's performance greatly.

Trivia Edit

  • Soon after the launch of the multiplayer mode the strength of the bosses' shields was decreased. However the damage they dealt was instead increased.
  • All Eternals wield gem weapons.
  • If the two first players in a raid deal the exact same amount of damage, they will both get the first place reward at the end (if they win the raid).

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