Thunder Hammers
[Thunder Hammers]
Weapon electro hammers
No Enchantment
Star51 Shop
Base Stats
Weapon attack1308 Critical chanceN/A
Credit 2060 Ruby 152
Upgrade Data
Level Upgrade
Ruby 79 Weapon attack+7
Regular Upgrade
Ruby 9 Weapon attack+6

Thunder Hammers are a weapon from Act VII: Chapter 3 in Shadow Fight 2. They are unlocked at level 51, along with the Plasma Rifle. Thunder Hammers functions like Battle Hammers. However they have a unique super slash which can cause a thunder effect. Thunder Hammers are wielded by a Scavenger and by Guru,Titan's third bodyguard.

Attack Overview Edit

  • Batons Slash: The character bends forward and swings a hammer downward.
  • Batons Double Slash: The character bends forward, swings a hammer downward, then swings the other hammer horizontally.
  • Batons Strong Slash: The character steps forward and swings a hammer downward.
  • Thunder Hammers Super Slash: The character swings both hammers into the ground twice, then leaps forward and smashes the ground with a hammer, causing a electric explosion.
  • Batons Spinning Slash: The character pivots on one foot and swings a hammer horizontally.
  • Batons Upper Slash: The character bends forward and swings a hammer upward.
  • Batons Low Slash: The character bends forward and swings a hammer horizontally at a downward angle.

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