• Change is now upon us! As promised, the article overhaul is here. The details are as follows (and please adhere to them). I will also clarify some things that may have been unclear in the past.

    • Tabview-style pages will no longer be used (where one page has two tabs that link to two other pages). Instead, if a piece of content or topic is recurring between the two games, two separate pages will be created, one suffixed with (SF1) and the other with (SF2). For example, "Lynx (SF2)". The two pages will however link to each other, with an italic indented statement at the top reading "For information regarding [name] in [Shadow Fight 1/Shadow Fight 2], visit [page link]". In wikitext, this would look like this:

    :''For information regarding [name] in [Shadow Fight 1/Shadow Fight 2], visit [page link]''

    With links being placed in the appropriate places of course.

    • Edits must follow the writing guidelines. Please refer to the Writing Guidelines of Our Policies (there's a tabview there, how ironic; will fix). The main things I need to point out here are don't post opinions and absolutely do not use the word "you". If you absolutely need to address people, use "the player" and "they/them" as a pronoun (if required). However, there are some other issues. Please leave edit summaries. It is important that we know what contributions you are making to pages and so that we can filter out vandalism more easily. Additionally, if you find yourself having issues with grammar or spelling, that's no problem as English may not be your strongest or first language. In this case, please request that someone proofread them for you (I am willing to do this).
    • I am not able to disallow unregistered users to edit (only Wikia staff can do that), however due to the amounts of vandalism I am now opening the position of rollback for applications. I'll create a separate (highlighted) thread for you to apply and I'll write how it will be done there.
    • Boss and bodyguard pages are quite the mess. A very simple solution would be to have all bodyguards on their respective boss's page. The main Bosses page would have brief info paragraphs on each boss, and a link to the main article using {{Main}}.
    • Pictures: I have yet to see if iFunBox will allow me to access game files when non-Jailbroken on my iPad. If this is the case, there will be loads of sprites headed your way and there won't be much need for sprites. However, images for galleries such as screenshots are very much welcome and appreciated.
    • If you know of any other Shadow Fight fanbase sites, inform me of them. It is highly important that we notify them of this wiki and maybe even affiliate with them so that both sites get more contributors.

    That about does it for this one! Thanks everyone, and I hope this is the beginning of change for the better. Any comments, suggestions, etc. would be appreciated.

     17:09, Sunday   Ninjablademaster TALK   15.02.2015 
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