Techniques are the attacks and movements players can perform in battles. More techniques can be unlocked as players increase their Dan or reputation points. The following are the types of techniques.

Super Strikes are the more advanced attacks players can perform on their targets. They give out more damage.

The super strikes include:

Players use movements to move around the place in battles. Movements can also be used to dodge attacks made by enemies.

The movements include:

Fatalities can be used to finish opponents. Fatalities can only be performed when the opponent is almost knocked out. (the game will command, "FINISH HIM" as a prompt). More fatalities can be unlocked as your reputation increases. Opponents will receive a notification in their mailbox when players successfully perform fatalities on them. Fatalities can only be used in Tournaments and Friendly Duels with opponents whose reputation points are lower than the player.

The fatalities include:

Techniques in Shadow Fight 1

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