This is a list of songs that are included in the game Shadow Fight 2. The entire soundtrack was composed by Lind Erebros. The soundtrack can be found in multiple locations online, such as the iTunes, Google Play Music, and Spotify.

Act I Music Edit

Lynx & bodyguards battles: Black Warrior

Tournament: Ninja in the Night

Survival & Duel: Samurai Spirit

Act II Music Edit

Hermit & bodyguards battles: Old Sensei

Tournament: Vengeance

Survival: Forest of Death

Challenge & Duel: Blade Dance

Ascension: Halls of the Dead Heroes

Act III Music Edit

Butcher & bodyguards battles: Sparring

Tournament: Deadly Smoke

Survival: Master Skills

Challenge & Duel: Ronin

Act IV Music Edit

Wasp & bodyguards battles: Ship Battle

Tournament: Flowers Battlefield

Challenge: Lesson in the Dark Room

Survival: Cave

Duel: Clouds Heaven

Act V MusicEdit

Widow & bodyguards battles: Shadow Lady

Tournament: Volcano

Challenge: Ruins Village

Survival: Ronin

Duel: Fuji

Act VI MusicEdit

Shogun, his bodyguards, and mercenaries battles: Burning Town

Tournament: Fat Boss

Challenge: Flying Rocks

Survival: Graveyard Ships

Duel: Clouds Heaven

Gates of Shadows battle: Gates of Shadows

Act VII MusicEdit

Factory: Factory

Hideout: Fat Boss

Stone Grove: Stone Forest

Incubator: Hive

Spaceship: Starship

Titan's bodyguards battles: Citadel

May battle: Final Boss

Titan battle: Titan Epic Fight

Underworld MusicEdit

Volcano raids: Raids Vulcan

Megalith raids: Raids Megalith

Fungus raids: Raids Fungus

Vortex raids: Raids Vortex

Fatum and Morgana raids: Raids Fatum

Arkhos raids: Raids Arkhos

Hoaxen raids: Raids Hoaxen

Freeze raids: Raids Freeze

Old Wounds Edit

Act I Lynx and bodyguards battle: Hall of the dead heroes

Act II Hermit and bodyguards battle: Old Sensei

Act III Butcher and bodyguards battle: Sparring

Act IV Wasp and bodyguards battle: Pirate Throne

Act V Widow and bodyguards battle: Sakura Forest

Act VI Shogun and bodyguards battle: Flying Rocks

Other musicEdit

Main menu (Dojo, Map, and Shop): Training Room Menu

Festivus & Lilith battle: Samurai Spirit

Credits: Ninja in the Night

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