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Silhouettes are one of the customisable features available in Shadow Fight. To access this feature, players have to click on the icon in the Shop interface. The default silhouette is given for free while the other silhouettes will be sold for rubies. So far, there are 8 silhouettes available - 5 for male shadows and 3 for female. The silhouette applied will be also be seen by other players such as friends and opponents when battling the player's shadow.

Male silhouettesEdit

Image Cost (Rubies)
1st Male Silhouette Free
2nd Male Silhouette Free
3rd Male Silhouette Free
4th Male Silhouette 200
5th Male Silhouette 300

Female silhouettesEdit

Image Cost (Rubies)
1st Female Silhouette Free
2nd Female Silhouette Free
3rd Female Silhouette 500

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