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The Shop is where the players go to purchase weapons, items, seals, locations and silhouettes to enhance the player's fighting experiences. The items bought from the shop cannot be sold.


Weapons are types of gears that enhances the damage dealt to enemies. Certain types of weapons are required for tournaments and fighting demons.


Items found in this section are consumables. They can only be used once and can be used as bonuses to temporarily enhance the player's fighting experience. The items found here are energy potions, scrolls and jars of ki.


Items sold at the "Other" section boost the player's attack power when fighting Bosses or Demons. Seals to fight bosses such as the Butcher, Huntress and the Wanderer can also be found here.


At the "Locations" section, players can purchase locations that they can set as their training area. Other players who battle with the player will be able to see their 'training area'.


At the "Silhouettes" section, players can customise their character.

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