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Shadow Fight 3 is a role-playing fighting game developed by Nekki. It is the sequel to Shadow Fight 2. It was released in Canada on July 17th, 2017, in India on October 27th, 2017; and later worldwide on November 16th, 2017.

Unlike its predecessors, Shadow Fight 3 does not feature black 2D silhouette characters. Instead, it uses 3D graphics to render the characters and backgrounds. The shadows, however, still exists in the form of Shadow Form. While in Shadow form, the characters will be able to use shadow abilities

Shadow Fight 3 Cinematic Trailer

Shadow Fight 3 Cinematic Trailer

The official trailer for Shadow Fight 3

Official DescriptionEdit

"Step into the world of shadows at the time of changes. Reveal all its dark secrets and become the greatest warrior this land has ever seen. In this RPG-fighting game you will take on a role of a hero whose destiny isn't determined yet. How do you see the future? It's your call! Choose from three different fighting styles, experiment, combine your gear, learn some fresh new moves and explore a massive world full of adventures! Enjoy the beauty of a real fight which has been made possible due to modern technologies and smooth animations."


Shadow Fight 3 tells the story several years after the events of Shadow Fight 2 in a world overrun with Shadow Energy, with three powerful factions that are plotting against each other.

Players start the game as a new recruit in Shadow Squad, a squad in the Legion which uses Shadow Energy in their mission. As they progresses further, they will find themself in a dangerous world that is on the threshold of a great war.

Several characters from the previous game will also make an appearance.

Gameplay and FeaturesEdit

Unlike in Shadow Fight 2, the players can customize their own playable character in Shadow Fight 3. They can choose their name, gender, facial features, as well as hair and its color, though it cannot be changed at any further point.

Shadow Fight 3 features three buttons that are used in combat: punch, kick, and Shadow button. Shadow button will activate one's Shadow Form, allowing the players to use a Shadow ability of an equipment.

Currently, there are three type of equipment: Weapon, Armor, and Helm. Each equipment contain a Shadow ability that can be used once the Shadow energy is in full charge. In addition to Shadow ability, equipment also has slots that can be used to insert moves and perks. This allow the players to customize their character's fighting style. Equipment, moves, and perks are classified into different grades: common, rare, epic, and legendary. The players can acquire them from the store, as well as a drop from winning a fight, chests, and booster packs.

The game features three currencies: Coins, Gems, and Shadow Energy.

  • Coins can be used to buy items from the store and the Rare booster packs. They are rewarded from every fight as additional reward. Performing better in a fight will give the players more coins. They also can be obtained from winning any Duel match and chests.
  • Gems can be used to buy items from the store, purchasing booster packs, instantly open chests, and traded for a number of Coins. They can be obtained from winning a Boss fight and completing side missions.
  • Shadow Energy is used to upgrade equipment. They will be given if the players receive an already owned equipment from winning fights, chests, or booster packs, and that equipment is upgraded.

There are 3 factions in the game, Legion, Dynasty and Heralds. Each faction feature different fighting style and goals. Players will be introduced to each faction and their fighting style in the first three chapters of the game. Once they are familiarized with all three factions, the players must choose one faction. The faction chosen will determine the kits obtained from the chests and at later chapters. The players can change their faction anytime they want by tapping on the faction logo on the main menu screen.

Aside from the main quests, side missions are available as well. Players can participate in side missions to gain equipment, moves, perks, and gems. The game also feature Duel, a PvP mode where the players can fight against other players. Winning a Duel will reward the players with a chest, which contains equipment, moves, perks, and gold coins.

There is also a special survival mode called Lunar Tournament, available only during the Lunar New Year update. The players must fight 10 monkeys in a row without break. The more monkeys defeated, the higher the reward, which can be used to buy the Monkey King Set.


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