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Shadow Fight 3 is the successor of the Shadow Fight 2. It was released in Canada on July 17th, 2017 and will be released worldwide on November 16th, 2017. According to information released by Nekki, the game will be set several years after the events of Shadow Fight 2 in a world overrun with Shadow Energy. The characters - both the protagonist and the opponents - have the ability to switch between normal and shadow forms; while in shadow form, characters will be able to use shadow abilities. The players can create their own playable character and choose their name, as well as their gender, hair and hair color. The players also can choose from three playable factions - Legion, Heralds or Dynasty - with each having unique powers, equipment, and fighting styles:

  • Legion:

The Legion is a militarist faction. Their aims are simple and clear: eliminating Shadow Energy throughout the world and preventing it from re-emergence. Their ideology is stern: they accept no weakness, give no apologies or explanations for their actions, and are willing to make every sacrifice for the sake of humankind. This is why other factions regard the Legion with little favor, to say the least. The Legionaries live by severe laws of the army, valuing subordination, dedication and will above anything else. Their belief in human constancy is comprehensive. A true Legionary is the one who rejects all weakness on his or her way to becoming great as a warrior, and relies upon strength and unremitting toil. Being one of them is risky, because every next battle can become one’s last. Regardless, the influx of those volunteering to stand under their banners never stops, for there are many willing to become war heroes and saviors of the world. Now the Legion readily accepts everyone who can endure its exhausting training, after which the fighter obtains staunch allies who would stand foursquare behind him or her.

  • Dynasty:

The Dynasty’s capital is home to a thousand of combat arts schools; a dense anthill of a city where someone combative and charismatic enough can gather crowds of loyal followers. The capital’s pace of live is very rapid. The people of the Dynasty simply know no other way of living. That is why the warriors you will meet there are swift and elegant, and prefer lightweight weapons.

The capital is known for its annual combat arts tournament, an event where adepts of various teachings can contend for the crowd’s attention and the benevolence of the head of the Empire.

The latter enjoys special respect from his people. Staking on the Shadow Energy, the Emperor has proved in practice that, if wisely used, it can serve humankind good. To many’s surprise, the country flourished! But the Legion was confused by such volatile disposition. Since then, the two factions fell out with each other.

  • Heralds:

The Heralds are a mysterious faction with unclear motives. They are often compared to a dormant volcano that can burst at any time. This is well understood in the Legion, whose warriors encountered the Heralds during the battle at Falcon’s Gorge. They are extremely knowledgeable in Shadow Energy and Shadow-based technologies.

The crafty Dynasty finds this knowledge quite useful. The Emperor’s family turn a blind eye to the Heralds’ moving freely about the capital. Alas, the commoners are less sympathetic. They are dread gloomy, taciturn fighters in dark attire, give them a wide berth and mutter curses behind their back.

This faction’s members rarely unsheathe their blades, but when they do (in self-defense, for example), the foe is doomed. Their movements are mathematically precise, quick and deadly, thus even the high and mighties prefer to avoid direct confrontation with the Heralds.

Players can acquire equipment, abilities, and techniques as a drop from winning a fight, as well as from booster packs and the shop. They are classified into different grades: common, rare, epic, and legendary. In addition to the quests and daily missions, the game will also feature an online mode. Several characters from the previous game will also make an appearance.


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