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Shadow Fight 3 is an upcoming game in the Shadow Fight series. According to information released by Nekki, the game will be set several years after the events of Shadow Fight 2 in a world overrun with Shadow Energy. The characters - both the protagonists and the enemies - have the ability to switch between normal and shadow forms; while in shadow form, characters will be able to use shadow abilities. The players can create their own playable character and choose their name, as well as their gender. The players also can choose from three playable factions - Legion, Heralds or Dynasty - with each having unique powers, equipment, and fighting styles:

  • Legion: A warlike faction which believes it is their duty to destroy the Shadow Energy. They prefer heavy weapons and armor. They live by Spartan laws, relying on their extensive training and brute strength to get the job done. The Legion prefers members who are energetic and ready to go all out.
  • Dynasty: The ruling clan of a highly developed nation famous for its combat arts schools, the Dynasty are agile and dexterous warriors. They maintain a practical approach towards Shadow Energy - using it when needed and generally not considering it to be a threat.
  • Heralds: Described as Shadow Fight 3's "dark horses", the Heralds are warriors with a hidden motive. They are most knowledgeable about Shadow Energy but do not freely share this knowledge. In combat their attacks are sudden and deadly. Due to their mysterious nature, they are mistrusted and often feared by others.

Players can acquire equipment, abilities, and techniques as a drop from winning a fight, as well as from booster packs and the shop. They are classified into different grades: common, rare, epic, and legendary. In addition to the quests and daily missions, the game will also feature an online mode. Several characters from the previous game will also make an appearance.


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