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Shadow Ability is a gameplay feature in Shadow Fight 3. It is a special ability which can be used while in Shadow form. Each ability gives different effect to either the player or enemy, like creating an earthquake, summoning a dragon, teleporting, and many more. Shadow abilities are contained in equipment, so wearing that equipment allows the player to use the corresponding Shadow ability in fights. Each piece of equipment of rarity higher than Common has its own Shadow Ability. The damage dealt by Shadow ability is determined by Helms.

Using Shadow Ability Edit

Legion attacks (11)

Characters in Shadow form using Shadow abilities. The left is using Whirl, and the right is using Choke.

Shadow ability cannot be blocked, but may be dodged. It also can stop the Legion's "temporary uninterruption" interval. Shadow ability cannot deal Head hits or Critical hits. In order to use a Shadow ability, a piece of gear that contains that ability must be equipped. However, this only applies to the player and most enemies, while a number of enemies are excepted. Some enemies can still use an ability despite not equipping the required gear, such as Gizmo who can still utilize Rift and Thud abilities despite that none of his gears actually possess said shadow abilities.

Shadow abilities can only be used while in Shadow form; the character can enter Shadow form when the Shadow energy bar is fully charged. The bar is located under the health bar, and both the player and the opponents start a fight with the bar filled halfway through, unless the Shadow Affinity perk is applied. The bar is recharged by dealing or taking damage. Taking damage recharges the shadow bar faster than dealing damage, to support the player who is losing the fight. 

Once the bar is fully charged, the character can use an ability to enter Shadow form or simply press the Shadow button to enter it. To use an ability, players must press the Shadow button along with a directional button. A Shadow ability has a cooldown time. Therefore, players cannot spam Shadow abilities as much as they want. Shadow form lasts for 10 seconds. There are circumstances where the Shadow bar is missing, therefore preventing the use of Shadow form, or the enemy is in unlimited Shadow form.

List of Weapon Shadow Abilities Edit

To use weapon's Shadow ability, press the Shadow + Forward/Backward directional button (the direction the character is facing the opponent). The cooldown time for Weapon Shadow abilities is 5 seconds.

Icon Name Available on Ability Overview

All Rare Legion weapons

Smashes the ground with both hands, causing earth spikes to emerge from below in a small area around the player.
Image-0 Rift

Epic Two-handed Sword

Slams the sword on the ground, creating a line of spikes that travels directly forward across the battlefield ground.

Epic Axes and Unique Maces

Slices upwards. If successful, the opponent is knocked into the air, before both axes are thrown directly into the opponent as they are airborne.

Epic and Legendary Hammers

Throws a hammer backwards off-screen, then throws the other hammer towards the opponent. The first hammer will fly in behind the opponent, crushing the opponent between the two hammers.

Epic and Legendary Swords

Telekinetically throws both swords forward, curving into the sky. After a short moment, both swords will stab downwards from the sky in an X where the opponent is standing.

Epic and Legendary One-handed Sword

Jumps off-screen into the sky, before falling and stabbing downwards into the ground where the opponent is standing.
SHADOW SPEAR SLASH Pricker Epic and Legendary Spear Thrusts the spear to the ground, causing a huge Shadow spike to stab up from the ground into the opponent's gut.
SHADOW GIANT SWORD SLASH 1 Tumble Epic and Legendary Giant Sword Leaps forwards and anchors the Giant Sword point into the ground with an overhead strike, before using the anchored Sword point as a pivot to front flip into an overhead Sword slam.
SHADOW TWOHANDED SWORD THROW Vane Legendary and Unique Two-handed Sword Stabs the sword forward, impaling it into the opponent's body, then hoists the opponent above the user's head using the sword and charges the blade with flaming Shadow energy to damage them, before throwing them off.
Anvil Epic and Legendary Two-handed Hammer Swings the hammer upward, then hurls it forward. The hammer then descends from the sky and strikes down, before pulled back telekinetically.

All Rare Dynasty Weapons

Leaps forward while spinning horizontally with a whirl of Shadow energy around them, knocking back the opponent.

Epic, Legendary, and Unique Sabers

Swings vertically and then flips away from the opponent, teleporting behind them and thrusting forward into their back as they exit the flip.

Epic and Legendary Nunchaku

Throws the Nunchaku forward, the Nunchaku will fly forward while spinning vertically, before returning to the player, potentially striking the opponent again from behind.
SHADOW STAFF SPINNING SLASH Thresh Epic, Legendary, and Unique Staff Throws and telekinetically spins the staff vertically in midair in front of the player, striking upwards many times, before pulling the staff back with a final downwards swing.

Epic and Legendary Chain Knife

Spins the chain knife vertically, charging up for a second, before throwing the chain knife forward and firing a forward horizontal blast of Shadow energy.

Epic and Legendary Guandao

Levitates forwards in a seated position, with the Guandao telekinetically spinning and slicing horizontally underneath them like a helicopter blade.

Epic and Legendary Shuang Gou

Rolls forward through the opponent, knocking them down and ending up behind them. Then, the player leaps back towards the opponent, interlocking and throwing their Shuang Gou downwards at them in midair, spinning and slicing the opponent like a boomerang before they split and return to the player's hands.
Twist Epic and Legendary Deer Horns Spins around, striking outwards with the Deer Horns before tucking in their arms and pirouetting into the air surrounded by a ring of Shadow Energy.
Loop Epic and Legendary Dadao Summons a dragon made of shadow energy. The dragon will flies upward, then turnaround and travels horizontally across the battlefield.
Shadow dash Dash

All Naginata and Rare Heralds Weapons

Dashes forward and slashes through the opponent, ending up behind them.
SHADOW SAI SLASH 1 Prod Epic and Legendary Sai Strikes upwards, throwing the opponent into the air, before dashing underneath them, spawning numerous afterimage copies of the user's arms and Sai, rapidly stabbing upwards with them numerous times into the opponent as they fall.
SHADOW GLAIVE SLASH 1 Harpoon Epic, Legendary, and Unique Glaive Throws the Glaive forwards. If the opponent is hit, the Glaive will impale them into the ground. The user then telekinetically pulls the Glaive and the impaled opponent behind them, clotheslining the opponent with their arm as they fly back.
SHADOW KATANA SCABBARD SLASH 1 Windmill Epic and Legendary Iaido Katana Levitates forward and telekinetically spins the katana directly in front of the player, like a windmill.
SHADOW KATANA SLASH 1 Displacement Epic and Legendary Katana Slashes forward with the Katana and then teleports behind the opponent, thrusting the Katana backwards into the opponent.
SHADOW CLAWS SLASH 1 Pounce Epic and Legendary Claws Leaps and pounces forward through the opponent, before turning around in mid-air and pouncing back while slashing with both claws.
Trip Epic and Legendary Kusarigama Conjures two portals, one behind the opponent and another one behind the player. The player then launches the sickle to the portal behind them, it will appears on the portal behind the opponent. If the opponent get caught, they will be pulled to the portal, appearing next to the player. They then strikes the opponent with the kusarigama three times.

List of Armor Shadow Abilities Edit

Press the Shadow + Down directional button to use armor's Shadow ability. The cooldown time for armor Shadow abilities is 7 seconds.

Icon Name Available on Ability Overview

All Rare Legion Armors

Quickly boosts forward and rams the opponent back with a shoulder charge.

Epic Legion Armors

Grows out sharp spikes from the armor, damaging the opponent if they are close.

All Legendary and Unique Legion Armors

Swamper’s Camouflage (Epic Legion Armor)

Leaps forward and smashes the ground with both feet, causing a small earthquake and knocking down the opponent in a short range shockwave.

All Rare Dynasty Armors

Spins in a whirl of Shadow energy, and teleports behind the opponent, knocking them down if they are close.

All Epic, Legendary, and Unique Dynasty Armors

Tucks into a breakdance windmill, rapidly spinning horizontally forward while twirling their legs in the air, kicking the opponent many times.

All Rare Heralds Armors

Quickly ducks down and disappears in a flash on the ground, reappearing instantly and standing up behind the opponent. 
Shadow precise armor explosion Blast All Epic, Legendary, and Unique Heralds Armors Slams the ground with one fist, creating an upwards close-range splash of damaging Shadow energy around the player.

List of Helm Shadow Abilities Edit

Press the Shadow + Up directional button to use helm's Shadow ability. The cooldown time for helm Shadow abilities is 7 seconds.

Icon Name Available on Ability Overview
SHADOW MIND THROW Choke All Rare Legion Helms Throws a Shadow hand forward at neck level. If the opponent is grabbed, they will be telekinetically choked, suspended in midair, before being slammed headfirst into the ground.
SHADOW UPPERCUT Uppercut All Epic Legion Helms

Liquidator's Headpiece (Legendary Legion Helm)

Punches upwards, causing a Shadow fist of flame to quickly blast out from below the opponent.
Pivot Legendary and Unique Legion Helms Telekinetically grabs the opponent by the leg, lifting them up and slamming them headfirst into the ground, before throwing them over the user's head and slamming them into the ground three times.
SHADOW AGILE HELMET Whirl All Rare Dynasty Helms Forms a circle of Shadow energy under the opponent with both hands. After a moment to charge, a whirlwind will erupt from the circle, sending the opponent flying if caught.
SHADOW MINE Burst All Epic, Legendary, and Unique Dynasty Helms Slams a fist into the ground, causing a close-range explosive burst of Shadow energy around the player, and teleporting the player backwards.
SHADOW PUSH Repel All Rare Heralds Helms Strikes forwards with one hand, pushing the opponent backward with a non-damaging wave of force.
SHADOW PRECISE HELMET Eruption All Epic, Legendary, and Unique Heralds Helms Raises a hand and summons a pillar of Shadow flame directly below the opponent.

List of Ranged Shadow Abilities Edit

To use ranged weapon's Shadow ability, press the Shadow + Forward/Backward directional button (the opposite direction the character is facing the opponent). The cooldown time for Ranged Weapon Shadow abilities is 7 seconds.

Icon Name Available on Abillity Overview
SHADOW RANGED STRONG EXPLOSION Concussion All Rare Legion Ranged Charges up and throws/fires a ranged weapon that explodes with damaging Shadow energy on contact with the opponent, knocking them down.
Bonds Epic and Legendary Throwing Knives Snares the opponent with shadow chains for 4 sec when hit.
Ballistae Epic and Legendary Arbalest Lifts up a giant shadow arbalest/ballista, and shoots a shadow bolt.
Removal Epic and Legendary Pistol Fires shadow blast from the pistol twice towards the ground. The opponent will be knocked down if they get hit by the blast.
Collector Epic and Legendary Pilum Throws shadow-energy charged pilum unto the opponent, if hit, the opponent will be impaled to a wall of shadow energy.
Tide Epic, Legendary, and Unique Throwing Axes Throws an axe charged with Shadow energy on the ground, which will spins forwards to the opponent's legs. The opponent will be knocked down if they get hit by it.
Cloud All Rare Dynasty Ranged Charges up and throws a ranged weapon that explodes into a small Shadow cloud on contact with the opponent, masking all movements within the cloud and inflicting incessant damage to the opponent if he lingers in the cloud.
Ricochet Epic and Legendary Throwing Daggers Throws a knife that rapidly slice randomly to certain area.
Cage Epic and Legendary Boomerangs Throws a boomerang that surrounds the opponent, damaging them when they moved.
Roll Epic and Legendary Chakrams Rolls a Chakram charged with Shadow energy on the ground, which spins forwards through the opponent's legs, before returning and hitting the opponent again from behind.
Trail Epic, Legendary, and Unique Fire Orbs Hurls an orb charged with Shadow energy on the ground, which spins towards the opponent - upon contact, the orb will explode, knocking the opponent off their feet.
Hailstorm Epic and Legendary Bow Shoot an arrow upwards to unleash rains of arrows
Bolt All Harpoon and Rare Heralds Ranged Charges up and throws/fires a ranged weapon at the opponent - on contact, the opponent is struck by a lightning bolt from the sky.
Flow Epic and Legendary Shurikens Throws multiple shurikens like a rapid flow of river at the opponent
Leap Epic and Legendary Kunais Throws a kunai then teleports the player to where the kunai is to land a kick
Grinder Epic and Legendary Folding Blades Throws the Folding Blade upwards, if hit, the opponent will continue to take damage whilst being lifted into the air.
Porcupine Epic and Legendary Needles Blast a wave of needles upwards and pierce it back if succeed

Unavailable Shadow Abilities Edit

Icon Name Available on Used by Ability Overview
SHADOW NAGINATA SLASH 1 Collapse Opponent's Epic and Legendary Naginata Telekinetically stabs two Naginatas up from the ground, one in front and one behind the opponent, then slams them both down on the opponent in the middle, smashing back into the ground.
SHADOW AXES THROW Hack Unavailable Legendary Axes Timber Wolf Throws both axes directly forwards, spinning vertically into the opponent's gut before returning to the player. 
Hook Unavailable Epic and Legendary Kamas Throws a kama towards the opponent, it will hooks onto their foot and pulling it upward, making the opponent dangling in mid-air. The user then charges into the opponent and slashes their gut with the other kama.

Trivia Edit

  • The Choke ability resembles Titan's Mind Throw magic in Shadow Fight 2. The only difference is that Titan uses a blue energy ball to choke the player, while for Choke, the character uses Shadow energy instead.
  • The Tumble ability resembles the Titan's Desolator's Super Slash from Shadow Fight 2.

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