Basic Information
Name Sensei
Type Trainer
Role Shadow's teacher
Status Alive
Gender Male
Further Information
Act All Acts except Act VII
Sensei is one of the main characters in Shadow Fight 2. He is first met at the beginning of the game, and is the first person to have a written speaking role. Sensei is the person that gives the tutorials in the game, like basic controls, enchanting equipment, and Eclipse mode. He also reminds the player each time they level up and describes the rules of challenges and duels. Sensei possesses a vast knowledge and often advises Shadow on his opponents. Sensei ends up accompanying Shadow in his long journey to find the seals and close the Gates of Shadows. Sensei stays behind when Shadow enters the Gates of Shadows after it is opened at the end of the Interlude.

After Shadow defeats Titan and saves May, Sensei mentions about the hot ashes in the air which is mark of the Eternals. He tells Shadow that this world needs his help once more, but this time with an army of companions. He later becomes the person that guides the players in the Underworld, giving informations about the Eternals and their goals.

Quotes Edit

  • Well, well... my vain disciple has returned. And without a body it seems. How unfortunate for you.
  • You're nothing more than a shadow now. And yet, I sense great power within you. I wonder... - Greeting the player for the very first time on Shadow Fight 2
  • Impressive... but a bag cannot defend itself. Let's see how you fare against my disciple, Kenji - Talking to the player after moving and attacking the punching bag at the Dojo
  • In this form you can't die. Thus I suggest you challenge one of the demons now: Lynx! - Talking to the player after purchasing Knives
  • Ah, the first Seal. Well done, Shadow. Only five Seals left. Come, we must hurry! - Talking to the player after defeating Lynx
  • My apprentice is missing. I'm worried for his safety. He left to try the new schools in the next town, but I have not heard from him since. -Talking about his apprentice, Crane
  • This town was known for its fighting schools, yet it lies in ruin! So much destruction... what could have done this? - Reaching Act II
  • You! Tell us: what's happening here? - Asking Dragon
  • Magic! So that is Hermit's great secret. Beware, my apprentice, magic is dangerous and powerful. It should not be used! - Talking to the player after defeating Mantis
  • Crane, how far you have fallen. What have you become? Forsaking the old ways? Forgetting all I have taught you? Shame on you! - After Crane is defeated
  • You have shown great skill, Shadow. I trust that you can wield this magic for good. But do not allow it to tempt you or taint your good heart. - Talking to the player after defeating Hermit
  • How strange for this girl to walk alone at night, talking to strangers. I have a bad feeling about this. - Meeting Bird for the first time
  • Hermit warned us about Butcher's gang, but this... this is much worse. He has been misleading children, turning them, building his own private army! - Talking to the player after defeating Redhead
  • There is no going back now. Our path leads us across the sea. We must find a boat. - Talking to the player after defeating Butcher
  • Have you heard anything about the place we are heading? Who is in charge? - Talking to Sly
  • Sly! Is this true? Have you armed their enemies? - Before fighting Bosun
  • This is not our war, but I am curious about Widow. - Talking to the player after defeating Wasp
  • She must be the woman Wasp spoke of. Something is... bothering me, but I am not sure what. -Meeting Widow for the first time
  • I feel her pull, too, but I am skilled enough to resist the power. - Speaking about Widow's charm
  • Stay focused. The Gates of Shadows are close. There may be strange, frightening things ahead for us, but we must not fail. - Talking to the player after defeating Widow
  • This land is close to the Gates of Shadows and has suffered greatly. I remember fertile plains once surrounded the great Ivory City... - Talking to the player upon reaching Act VI
  • Perhaps, but we must be careful. No natural fire can burn so long; this realm belongs to the shadows now. - Talking to the player upon seeing Ivory City
  • No, this is obviously a case of mistaken identity. But, if they fear him, it is all the better. - Talking to the player after defeating Captain
  • Well done, my disciple. You now have all six Seals needed to close the Gates. But don't celebrate just yet. First, we must reach the Gates... - Talking to the player after defeating Shogun
  • Finally, we have reached the Gates of Shadows... The sight of it is hard to bear. You have everything you need to close them forever, except for one thing.
  • Only those made of flesh and bone can use the Seals. I would gladly do it if I were not so old. I can still shatter a brick wall with my fist, but my life energy is draining fast. - Reaching the Gates of Shadows
  • May! No, this cannot be! Something has gone terribly wrong! - After May gets sucked inside the Gates of Shadows
  • The Seals! Each one appears to be connected to its owner somehow. We should revisit each owner - perhaps we will learn how to break the Seals. -Before the Interlude
  • Now it is up to Shadow. He has the tools and the experience. He is finally ready. - After all demons are defeated in Interlude
  • You must go! There is no time for debate. It is now or never! - At the end of Interlude
  • Have no fear, my apprentice. Your heart is pure, your resolve is strong. Trust in yourself and your training, and you cannot fail. - Sensei bids his farewell to Shadow
  • See those hot ashes in the wind? This world needs your help again, Shadow. But this time thousands shall follow you into the battle! - After Titan is defeated
  • The hot air is rising from this pit between the rocks. Something is very, very wrong here. Proceed with caution - and not before we find a team to support you. - Introducing the player to Underworld
  • This is the antechamber of the Eternals' domain. Their slumber lasted for millennia, but the Gates of Shadows have put the world in peril. They've awakened. - After entering Underworld
  • Oh, no. They shall destroy the Gates, but they shall also destroy the whole of mankind. For them it’s only another cycle of destruction and creation. - Explaining the Eternals' goals to the player
  • Only fanatics. They worship the Eternals in hope to be spared. Truly, they are blind in their faith. If we fail, they will soon learn the truth. - After Volcano is defeated
  • My great-grandfather told me of the Eternals fighting for the right to hurl their retribution upon mankind. We are now in the middle of their war. - After Megalith is defeated
  • Floods, fires, earthquakes – these were all works of their hands! I am starting to see the whole thing clearly... - After Fungus is defeated
  • I pray you tell us, o most ancient one, does not mankind have a chance to atone for its sins against you? - Speaking to Vortex after he is defeated
  • Be cautious, hero. This deep, the universal laws that you’re used to cease to work... - Warns the player before fighting Fatum
  • I know his kind. They gather adepts whom they feed with lies. Don't listen to his firebrand preaching, for that is his primary weapon. - Warns the player before fighting Arkhos
  • "We"? Shadow, it seems like our foe is off his head. Excuse me, which of your personalities are we talking with? Perhaps your "brother" could be more rational? - Speaking to Hoaxen before fighting him

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