Sarge is the primary antagonist and the last boss of Chapter I in Shadow Fight 3. Sarge is the sergeant of Shadow Squad, a squad in the Legion who uses Shadow energy in their mission.

Storyline Edit

Sarge welcomes the player as the new recruit of Shadow Squad. After teaching the player how to fight and testing his/her capability with a trainer, Gizmo, he concludes that he/she can be a good fighter. Sarge then orders the player to repel the Dynasty's attack in the Falcon's Gorge. However, their warlord, Deng Rao, interferes and beats the player easily.

After the incident, Sarge sets his eyes to the Shadow Sphere, which will grant great power to the owner. He aims to enslave the Dynasty with it.

Sarge puts the player and June on a false track. He tricks them by saying that he sent Gizmo to retrieve the Sphere, so they will head in the wrong way and no one will get in his way to the Sphere. When the player and June realizes this from Gizmo and returns to the camp, Sarge pits the player with the new recruit of the brand-new Shadow Squad to test their new power, stating that one person from the new squad is more than enough to take them down. Even though the new Squad is better than the old one, the player still manages to win. Since the player has betrayed the Legion (ignoring the fact that it was Sarge who made him/her did it), Sarge has been commanded by the elders to execute the player, and he will send the Executioner to do the job. However, the player can defeat the Executioner, much to Sarge's surprise. He has no choice but to confront the player himself.

Sarge challenges the player to an old-fashioned duel, where there are no Shadow forms allowed. The player can defeat Sarge without much difficulty. Not wanting the player to win, Sarge ditches the rule and goes into permanent Shadow form, allowing him to use Shadow ability infinitely to prevent the player from winning. He also uses an ability in which he walks forward with a strengthened armor and once Sarge gets close enough to the player, he smashes the player's stomach and then hits their head with his weapon. Despite all this, the player still defeats him.

Sarge then curses the player, telling them that they could have died honorably, but now they have the whole Legion against them.

Quotes Edit

  • “Are you still breathing? We can continue later. The custom demands fighting to the last breath.” - when the player is defeated by Sarge.
  • "Suckling! You could've died honorably at my hand. But there'll still be a court-martial for you. You've gained nothing!" - when the player defeats Sarge

Boss FightEdit

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Sarge is fought at the conclusion of Chapter I. He fights with the Legion fighting style, wields a twin hammers called Bonecrushers, and utilizes two Shadow abilities and two perks. The fight can consist up to five rounds, and the player must win three rounds in order to win.

In the first round, neither Sarge nor the player can use Shadow form. However, after the player defeats Sarge in the first round, he goes into permanent Shadow form. The player also gains access to Shadow abilities after this happens. Aside from permanent Shadow form, Sarge also uses a unique ability called Sarge's Walk. Defeating him will unlock Chapter II.

Trivia Edit

  • As revealed in the closed Beta-test, Sarge's real name is Otto Hyme.