Rubies are one of the in-game currencies that can be used in Shadow Fight. Rubies are more difficult to earn than coins.

How to earn RubiesEdit

  • Every day the player logs in, they will receive something that looks like this. If they complete an objective, there will be a green tick beside that objective. Complete all 3 objectives and the player will earn 1 ruby. (Previously 3.)
  • Players can choose to buy rubies using real-life currency.
  • Players can earn rubies for free by inviting a friend to play this game. The friend has to reach level 7 in order for the player to earn 15 rubies.
  • Players can go to the Shadow Arena and play under Master Sigil. Getting into one of the top positions will earn the player rubies.

Where to spendEdit

There are many uses of rubies.

At the Shop, players can use rubies to buy the following items

  1. Advanced Weapons
  2. Items, such as energy potions, scrolls and jars of ki.
  3. Players can use it to buy seals.
  4. Change location of the player's dojo
  5. Change silhouette

Players can use rubies at Try Your Luck for the following:

  1. Replay the game
  2. Add more lives(hearts) to that game (temporary)

At the Dan Test, if players do not have enough friends and still want to do the test, he can choose to take it by paying rubies.

Players can also spend rubies at the Shadow Arena to participate in the Master Sigil section.

Trivia Edit

  • They are premium currencies.
  • The game can be completed without using Rubies
  • They are the counterpart of gems in Shadow fight 2.

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