Rose is the third challenger that appears in Shadow Fight 2. She challenges the players when they reach level 13-16. She is Butcher's "favorite" wife and wants to protect her master. If the player wins then Rose gives her Katana (with Overheat enchantment) to the player. If the players lose then they can either :

  • Leave
  • Retry by giving +3 gems for each retry (with maximum of 30 gems, after 11th try it will always need 30 gems)


  • OverheatEnchantmentOverheat

Rose's Katana is enchanted with Overheat, giving a chance in each strike to put a buff that makes her next strike inflict 200% more damage.


  • I'm Butcher's favorite wife! I won't letcha touch my master's sacred face! (Challenging the player)
  • Doncha be scared, kitten. Here, like my katana? You males are so fond of shiny toys. It's yours if you can beat me! (Challenging the player 2)
  • He-he! If you're 'fraid to fight a woman, I'm at ease 'bout my master's future. You're no threat to him! (Challenge rejected)
  • I don't think this lady is incorruptible. Let's offer her some coin to spare us a little more of her precious time. (rematch offer)
  • Butcher gives me more as pocket change! But fine. I'll fight another match with you. It'll be my easiest money ever! (rematch)
  • If she's indeed Butcher's favorite wife, we have a perfect chance to send him a message. Let him be scared of us! (rematch rejected)
  • Kill that fatso! And do it with my sword - I want him know what it was like for me, attending to all his wishes. Give Butcher my regards! (After defeating her)

Trivia Edit

  • She, Lilith and Nova are the only female challengers.