Ronin is the sixth challenger in Shadow Fight 2, encountered during Act VI: Iron Reign. He miscognizes Shadow as the Prince who killed his master and wants to take revenge. If the player wins, he says that since they defeated him without cheating, the battle which killed his master must have been a fair one too. Defeating him rewards the player with his Dadao. If the player loses, there will be two options:

  • Leave
  • Retry by giving +3 gems for each retry (with maximum of 30 gems, after 11th try it will always cost 30 gems)


  • BloodrageEnchantmentBloodrage

Ronin's Dadao is enchanted with Bloodrage, giving a chance to deal 200% more damage on his hit, but would also lose 10% of damage dealt in health. This enchantment won't work if it will cause Ronin to lose.

Quotes Edit

  • My sire died by your hand, Prince. When you disappeared, I thought his death would remain unavenged. I'm glad to see the hour of vengeance has come. (Challenging the player)
  • This engagement has been the sole purpose of my life. My way ends here. If you win, you will have my weapon. (Challenging the player)
  • You will not fight? For such a coward as you are, dying with honor would have been a reward greater than living in fear. So I shall leave you to your misery. (Challenge rejected)
  • I bet a couple of coins could persuade him to fight again. Ronins don't receive a wide welcome nowadays. I've heard of them literally starving! (Rematch offer)
  • Though not a great warrior, you have that grit that might have helped you to defeat my sire once. So let us see what you can do this time. (Rematch)
  • No, no. We cannot let him go! The others must have no cause to doubt your being their Great Prince! (rematch rejected)
  • This combat was a fair one. That means that you deserved winning that first time, too. Take my sword, Prince, and let it serve you well. (Defeated)