This article is about the categories of Ranged Weapons. For information and statistics on the weapons themselves refer to: Ranged Weapons 

Ranged Weapons in Shadow Fight 2 can be broadly classified into the following categories:

Shuriken (Vertical Rotation)

These ranged weapons will spin vertically when thrown by the Player.

  • Shurikens
    Ranged shurikens
  • Hunter's Knives
  • Silver Shurikens
  • Weighted Shurikens
  • Shurikens of Night
  • Lunar Knives
  • Beast Axes
  • Lotos of Pain
  • Monk's Shurikens
  • Snow Balls (Christmas 2014 Special)
  • Snow Charges (Christmas 2015 Special)
  • Broken Hearts (Valentine's Day 2017 Special)

Kunai (No Rotation)

These ranged weapons will not spin but will follow a straight line when thrown by the Player, similar to a dart.

  • Throwing Daggers
    Ranged kunai
  • Kunai
  • Assassin's Kunai
  • Steel Darts
  • Throwing Spikes
  • Ghostly Kunai
  • Assasin's Daggers
  • Kunai of the Wind
  • Crystalline Spikes
  • Weighed Kunai
  • Throwing Axes

Chakram (Horizontal Rotation)

These ranged weapons will spin horizontally when thrown by the Player. Ranged weapons of this type deal higher damage compared to other types of ranged weapons. They are usually big and, because of their weight, take a longer time to be thrown when compared to the others.

  • Harvester of Souls
    Ranged chakram
  • Star Blade
  • Chakram
  • Bat Wings
  • Ancient Chakram
  • Dragon Wings
  • Keen Chakram
  • Throwing Sickles
  • Piercers
  • Dissecting Blade
  • Flame Skulls (Halloween 2015 Special)
  • Demon's Wing (Halloween 2016 Special)
  • Gingerbread Surprises (Christmas 2016 Special)
  • jewels of the east(unavailable)

Unique Ranged Weapons

  • Needles & Mortal Thorns: When thrown, three small needles follow a line spreading apart from each other the further they go, making it almost impossible to dodge after a certain distance.
  • Circular Saws: Unlike other ranged weapons, when thrown, Circular Saws travel horizontally across the surface of the ground. The only way to dodge them is by jumping.
  • Incinerator: A gun that shoots laser-like bullets.
  • Landmines: The mine is placed on the ground. It explodes when the enemy steps on it. After a mine is set, the player will have to wait for a short while before placing another.