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Ranged Weapon is one of the four types of equipment that are available in Shadow Fight 3, along with weapon, armor, and helm. Ranged weapons are projectile weapons that can be thrown to damage the opponent from a distance. Ranged weapons cannot be blocked.

Ranged weapons are classified based on their rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The higher the rarity, the stronger the ranged weapons. All ranged weapons come with Shadow ability, but common ranged weapons do not have Shadow ability. Unlike other equipment type, ranged weapons does not have slots.

Ranged weapons can be bought from the store. Otherwise, they can be obtained from chests won in duels, booster packs, or looted from defeated opponents. If the players receive a ranged weapon that is already owned, a part of an upgrade bar will fill up. When the upgrade bar fills up completely, the ranged weapon will be upgraded, and a number of Shadow energy will be given. Better chests and booster packs may contain ranged weapons with higher rarity. As for the drops from opponents, the players may obtain ranged weapons with random rarity; it is possible to get a ranged weapons with Epic or Legendary rarity, but the chance is small.


Name Picture Type Rarity Reload Time Shadow ability
Wooden Crossbow
Rng arbalest 01 01
Arbalest Common 11 seconds N/A
Training Hatchets
Rng axes 01 01
Throwing Axes Common 13 seconds N/A
Training Blades
Rng knives 01 01
Throwing Knives Common 9 seconds N/A
Crude Pistol Pistol Common 11 seconds N/A
Copper Pilum Pilum Common 9 seconds N/A
Iron Bite Trap 9 seconds N/A
Steel Crossbow
Rng arbalest 01 02
Arbalest Rare 11 seconds Concussion
Prepper's Hatchets
Rng axes 01 02
Throwing Axes Rare 13 seconds Concussion
Iron Crosses
Rng knives 01 02
Throwing Knives Rare 9 seconds Concussion
Trustworthy Pistol Pistol Rare 11 seconds Concussion
Steel Pilum Pilum Rare 9 seconds Concussion
Crushing Jaws Trap Rare 9 seconds N/A
Black Strike
Rng arbalest 01 03
Arbalest Epic 11 seconds Ballistae
Chained Hatchets
Rng axes 01 03
Throwing Axes Epic 13 seconds Tide
Scarlet Blades
Rng knives 01 03
Throwing Knives Epic 9 seconds Bonds
Rusty Rascal
Rng pistol 01 03
Pistol Epic 11 seconds Removal
Bloodthirst Pilum Epic 9 seconds Collector
Death Grip Trap Epic 9 seconds Clutch
Slicing Crossbow
Rng arbalest 01 04
Arbalest Legendary 11 seconds Ballistae
Gilded Hatchets
Rng axes 01 04
Throwing Axes Legendary 13 seconds Tide
Gilded Blades
Rng knives 01 04
Throwing Knives Legendary 9 seconds Bonds
Mercy Pistol Legendary 11 seconds Removal
Obsidian Strike Pilum Legendary 9 seconds Collector
Black Maw Trap Legendary 9 seconds Clutch


Name Picture Type Rarity Reload Time Shadow ability
Novice Daggers
Rng agl knives 01 01
Throwing Daggers Common 7 seconds N/A
Banded Chakrams
Rng chakram 01 01
Chakrams Common 11 seconds N/A
Banded Boomerangs
Rng boomerang 01 01
Boomerangs Common 9 seconds N/A
Exploding Pots Fire Orbs Common 11 seconds N/A
Light Bow Bow Common 7 seconds N/A
Iron Sparks Spikes 7 seconds N/A
Trifolium Daggers
Rng agl knives 01 02
Throwing Daggers Rare 7 seconds Cloud
Crimson Chakrams
Rng chakram 01 02
Chakrams Rare 11 seconds Cloud
Rigid Boomerangs
Rng boomerang 01 02
Boomerangs Rare 9 seconds Cloud
Tighten-up Fire Orbs Fire Orbs Rare 11 seconds Cloud
Composite Bow Bow Rare 7 seconds Cloud
Ants Spikes 7 seconds N/A
Gilded Daggers
Rng agl knives 01 03
Throwing Daggers Epic 7 seconds Ricochet
Luna Chakrams
Rng chakram 01 03
Chakrams Epic 11 seconds Roll
Wave Cutters
Rng boomerang 01 03
Boomerangs Epic 9 seconds Cage
Solar Bombs
Fire Orbs Epic 11 seconds Trail
Emperor's Vow Bow Epic 7 seconds Hailstorm
Stars Spikes Epic 7 seconds Stalagmites
Lotus Petals
Rng agl knives 01 04
Throwing Daggers Legendary 7 seconds Ricochet
Dragon Chakrams
Rng chakram 01 04
Chakrams Legendary 11 seconds Roll
Wyvern's Claws
Rng boomerang 01 04
Boomerangs Legendary 9 seconds Cage
Burning Rain Fire Orbs Legendary 11 seconds Trail
Sky Lord Bow Legendary 7 seconds Hailstorm
Fourleaves Spikes Legendary 7 seconds Stalagmites


Name Picture Type Rarity Reload Time Shadow ability
Onyx Shurikens
Rng shuriken 01 01
Shurikens Common 8 seconds N/A
Iron Kunai
Rng kunai 01 01
Kunai Common 10 seconds N/A
Wooden Harpoon
Rng harpoon 01 01
Harpoon Common 12 seconds N/A
Piercing Needles Needles Common 10 seconds N/A
Crossblade Folding Blade Common 8 seconds N/A
Prototypes Electromines Common N/A
Tracker's Tri-Blades
Rng shuriken 01 03
Shurikens Rare 8 seconds Bolt
Heralds' Standart
Rng kunai 01 02
Kunai Rare 10 seconds Bolt
Ragged Fin
Rng harpoon 01 02
Harpoon Rare 12 seconds Bolt
Sticking Needles Needles Rare 10 seconds Bolt
Bladed Mill Folding Blade Rare 8 seconds Bolt
Restrictors Electromines Rare N/A
Bright Shurikens
Rng shuriken 01 06
Shurikens Epic 8 seconds Flow
Crimson Death
Rng kunai 01 03
Kunai Epic 10 seconds Leap
Red Arrow
Rng harpoon 01 03
Harpoon Epic 12 seconds Bolt
Endless Pain Needles Epic 10 seconds Porcupine
Edged Fin Folding Blade Epic 8 seconds Grinder
Massive Mines Electromines Epic Deactivation
Steel Dragonflies
Rng shuriken 01 07
Shurikens Legendary 8 seconds Flow
Ice Fangs
Rng kunai 01 04
Kunai Legendary 10 seconds Leap
Glacial Harpoon
Rng harpoon 01 04
Harpoon Legendary 12 seconds Bolt
Dragonfly's Bite Needles Legendary 10 seconds Porcupine
Supernova Folding Blade Legendary 8 seconds Grinder
Selectors Electromines Legendary Deactivation

Special Ranged WeaponsEdit

Special ranged weapons are limited-time ranged weapons that can only be bought from the store with a special currency. They are only available during special events update; they cannot be obtained anymore when their respective events are over. Once the player have obtained a ranged weapon, then the ranged weapon will stay. Their rarity are classified as Unique (comparable to Legendary).

Name Faction Picture Type Event Shadow ability Reload Time Price
Petal Thrower Heralds
Rng harpoon sakura
Harpoon Spring event Bolt 10 seconds 450 Trophies
Glacier Orbs Dynasty
Rng bomb frozen dragon
Fire Orbs Dragon Lesson Trail 11 seconds 600 Trophies
Excarnators Legion
Throwing Axes Sanguine Forest Tide 13 seconds 600 Trophies
Blood Spit Legion Arbalest Creepy Party Ballistae 11 seconds 650 trophies

Trivia Edit

  • Ranged Weapons were first introduced lately in Chapter 4. However, unlike the rest of the items introduced in that chapter (the Chapter IV Armors, Helms, Weapons), they are available from the start of the game, and the player doesn't need to reach Chapter 4 to purchase a ranged weapon.
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