Puma is Widow's fifth and last bodyguard. Unlike other bodyguards of Widow, Puma is a woman who serves Widow to help her achieve her goals. She uses the Sentinel Kusarigama, a unique type of Kusarigama which cannot be obtained by the player. She wears a brown robe with yellow fur lining and a

Quotes Edit

  • I don't need some magic spell to love Widow. Her power over men excites me. - Puma's first words
  • Love is the perfect way to rob you men of your free will. But somehow you're beyond her control... so I'll fix it! - Puma challenges the player
  • You're a perfect representative of your kind – vain and self-satisfied! - After Puma defeated
  • Widow will punish you and turn you into her favorite little toy. Mark my words!

Trivia Edit

  • Puma is the last female bodyguard encountered in the game.
  • She is the second bodyguard in the game to use kusarigama. The other is Reaper from Act III.
  • Puma is one of several bodyguards in the game to use an unobtainable weapon. The other ones are Shin, Lynx's first bodyguard, Bear, the bodyguard before her, and Shogun's bodyguards.
  • Sentinel Kusarigama has a similar sickle head like that of the Heavy Kusarigama used by Outcast. It has a claw-shaped weight.
  • She is the only female bodyguard of Widow.
    • She is also the only female bodyguard to use an unobtainable weapon.