Platinum coins are the second primary currency in Shadow Fight 2, that are introduced at the beginning of the Interlude and used till the Act VII. Then, they are replaced with Credits.

Storyline Edit

After May gets pulled into Titan's Realm and the Gates of Shadows get sealed, Shadow embarks on his new quest to break the Six Seals of the Gates and reopen the Gates in order to free May. Shadow, Sensei and Sly make their way back to where it all started; to fight Lynx, this time to break the seals. Upon reaching Sly relates to Shadow that he was hungry and went to buy food for himself using Gold coins but the shop keeper threw the coins Sly offered as payment for the food back on his face. Sly tells Shadow that apparently now, the platinum coins are in use. Shadow receives Platinum coins by dividing the current amount of Golden coins by 100000.

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