Plasma Rifle is a super weapon in Shadow Fight 2. It is unlocked at level 51 in chapter three of Act VII: Revelation, along with the Thunder Hammers.

The Plasma Rifle is equipped with a short blade underneath its muzzle, allowing it to be used like a pike. Its super slash works similar to the Blaster Tonfas in the sense that it will shoot energy bullets. Unlike the Blaster Tonfas however, which shoots 1 wave of bullets from both Tonfas, the Plasma Rifle shoots 3 successive bullets. Each bullet is weaker than ranged weapons, and can be blocked. The bullets are not categorized as weapon, ranged weapons, and magic. Thus, it does not follow any enchantments on these equipments. Plasma Rifle is wielded by some enemies in Spaceship Challenge and Stone Grove Tournament. It is also the weapon wielded by Titan's fourth bodyguard, Corsair.

Attack OverviewEdit

  • Bayonet Hit: The user jabs the rifle forward.
  • Bayonet Double Hit: The user jabs the rifle forward, then thrusts it horizontally as they steps forward.
  • Bayonet Heavy Hit: The user leaps forward as they lifts the rifle over their head, then thrust the rifle to the ground.
  • Rifle Shot: The super slash of Plasma Rifle. The user kneels down and stands on one leg, and fires three plasma bullets towards the enemy. The bullets can be blocked.
  • Bayonet Spinning Hit: The user pivots on one foot as they swings the rifle forward over their head.
  • Bayonet Upper Hit: The user steps forward, lifts the rifle, and jabs it forward.
  • Bayonet Low Hit: The user ducks down and thrusts the rifle forward at a leg height.
Move Name Power How to Perform Combo
Bayonet Hit 8 Punch
Bayonet Double Hit 7
Punch, Punch
Bayonet Heavy Hit 16 Forward+Punch
Rifle Shot 6
Forward+Punch, Punch
Bayonet Spinning Hit 12 Backward+Punch
Bayonet Upper Hit 12 Up+Punch
Bayonet Low Hit 13 Down+Punch