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Perk Tree allows users to get perks. There are two types of perks: Special Abilities and Offense Moves. The player unlocks a new perk/perks every time they level up. Offense moves are the only option when they are unlocked, while two perks unlocked in a level must the player choose one perk from the two. In some levels there are three or four perk options, but only two of them will be available to be chosen according to players previous perk choices.

List of Moves Edit

There are a total of six different offense moves that the player can learn. Offense moves are perks which do not have alternate options. These moves are not present in the beginning of the game and thus cannot be performed by the player until they are learnt. As the player progresses, increasingly damaging offensive moves will be made available for learning.

Image Name Description Level Unlocked
Double sweep
Double Sweep Hold Down+Kick+Kick Level 2
Double jump kick
Double Jump Kick Hold Up+Kick+Kick Level 3
Elbow strike
Elbow Strike Hold diagonally down-left or left-down+Punch Level 7
Two foot jump kick
Fall Kick Hold diagonally down-right or right-down+Kick+Kick Level 10
Back flip kick
Kick-Flip Hold diagonally up-left or left-up+Kick+Kick Level 13
Throw suplex

Hold Left+Punch     (Be behind the enemy, and near to the enemy as well.)

Level 16

List of Perks Edit

The maximum level of the perks below are 9 (except for Ricochet and Disorientation, which is 8). No perks work in Underworld. (The values changes according to the level of the perk)

Image Name Description
Cobra A 40%-100% chance that during first 3 seconds of a round your First Strike would reduce enemy health by 10%.
Desperate +15%-47% damage when your health is lower than 20%
Avenger A 20%-44% chance to trigger Avenger, which grants a Critical Hit with +160%-200% damage for 5 seconds after receiving a Critical Hit.
Rock A 40%-80% chance to withstand a Critical Hit without falling to the ground, returning 40%-60% of its damage to the enemy.
Helm Breaker A 15%-35% cance to increase your Head Hit damage by 35%-51% for 5 seconds after dealing a Head Hit.
Furious A 20% chance to get +10%-30% damage on a successful hit. This effect wears off if you're hit or after 8 seconds.
Pain Rage A 20% chance to increase damage by 15%-39% for 8 seconds after receiving a Head Hit.
Concussion A 5%-25% chance to prevent enemy use of magic or ranged weapons for 8 seconds after a Head Hit.
Eagle Eye Not using ranged weapons for more than 5 seconds triggers a chance to get +35%-115% ranged damage for 3 seconds.
Full Power A 20%-40% chance to increase your magic damage by +30%-50% for 4 seconds after your magic is fully charged.
Steel Foot A 7%-19% chance to knock down your enemy with a kick. This chance is doubled if you're in the air.
Block Breaker A 10%-30% chance to bypass your enemy's block.
Martial Spirit A 10%-30% chance to increase your magic recharge from a successful unarmed attack by 100%.
Overcharge After your magic is fully charged, 5 successful melee attacks grants you +30%-50% magic damage for 5 seconds.
Enlightenment A 10%-30% chance to avoid a death blow, replenishing 25% of your health instead.
Mirror Blocking an enemy hit gives you a 30%-50% chance to get +50%-90% damage for 2 seconds.
Disorientation A 30%-65% chance to increase your attack by 30%-65% after a ranged attack.
Ricochet A 15%-50% chance to block all damage from an incoming ranged attack.

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