Man heavy kusarigama
Basic Information
Name Outcast
Type Challenger
Status Alive
Gender Male
Further Information
Act Act V: The Greatest Temptation
Level 26-29
Equipment and Perks
Weapon Heavy Kusarigama
Ranged Weapon Ghostly Kunai
Magic(s) Lightning Arrow

Outcast is the fifth challenger in Shadow Fight 2. He challenges the players to a fight when they reach level 26-29. Outcast has a rather maniacal personality - he asks the player if they want him to split their heads with his kusarigama, and talks about giving "knuckle sandwiches" to local blunderers etc. If the player wins, he will reward them with his weapon - Heavy Kusarigama. If the players lose, then they can either:

  • Leave
  • Retry by giving +3 gems for each retry (with maximum of 30 gems, after 11th try it will always cost 30 gems)


  • PrecisionEnchantmentCriticalChance

Outcast's Kusarigama is enchanted with Precision, giving a chance to make a Critical Hit with an increased damage.


  • Well now! Whadawe have here? Got something nice, uh? Wanna me split yer head wi' me kusarigama? (Challenging the Player)
  • Lets play a game, uh? I win - you carry me on yer back right to the Widow's place. I lose, you get my wep.(Challenging the player 2)
  • Yo, homie, you're a snore! Just like em all 'ere. Okay, I'll go find someone funky. (Challenge Rejected)
  • Try offering him money. I'm not sure if he has any use for it, but he's got a very nice weapon. Won't ask where he stole it from. (Rematch offer)
  • Yo! Scrillas! That's my boy. Willin' to pay for being beaten!(rematch)
  • You have to stop this psycho at all costs. Who knows what a mess he can make if left unattended?(rematch rejected)
  • No way! You won! Well, that was some fight. Here, grab my kusarigama. Imma go give knuckle sandwiches to em local blunderers. (after player defeats him)

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