Nova is the seventh challenger in Shadow Fight 2. She challenges the players to fight when they reach level 40-42. Nova is a mysterious character, her eyes are fully white, just like the demons. Sensei thinks it is possible that the person that hired her is somehow related to Titan. If the player wins, she will give them her weapon - Spiny Knuckles. If the player loses then they can either:

  • Leave
  • Rematch by giving +3 gems for each retry (with a maximum of 30 gems, always requiring 30 gems after the 11th try)


  • PoisoningEnchantmentIntoxication

Nova's Knuckles are enchanted with Poisoning, giving a chance that the enemy will start to lose 3% health per second over 5 seconds after being hit.

Quotes Edit

  • "I've been watching you for all that time. You're going pretty well, so I'm obliged to stop you now. I've been warned about your skill by my master." (Challenging the player)
  • "By the mercenaries' code of honor I must give away my weapon in case of my loss. But I'm very good at my trade!" (Challenging the player)
  • "Coward! Can't believe I've wasted my time on you. What a disgrace!" (Challenge rejected)
  • "I've managed to find out how much she's been paid for your head. Nova doesn't care who pays, and we don't need any gossip about your loss..." (Rematch Offer)
  • "So, you wish to try once more? That's the spirit!" (Rematch)
  • "We shouldn't let her go! She's going to tell everything to her master... I fear the one who hired her is related to Titan somehow." (Rematch rejected)
  • "Accepting her defeat, Nova hands over her knuckles as she promised." (After defeating her)


  • She is the only challenger that does not have any speaking lines after defeated.
  • She, Lilith and Rose are the only female challengers.