Beware of Nogitsune on the trails of the abandoned forest! Even if you beat this insidious werewolf creature, you may not find out of the enchanted thickets.

Nogitsune is a Demon that player can fight in Shadow Fight. Players need to equip Nunchucks, Advanced nunchaku,  Flying Hammers or Mace and 2 DivR in order to fight her. Charges can be used to increase the player's total damage made to the demon when she is stunned (or when her health is almost completely depleted), which in this case, is the Charge of sun.


HP: 18000

Minimum HP to perform without Clan members: 420

Weapon: Flail

Rewards: 500 XP, 450 Temporary Glory and 1 NogitsuneR

Charge of sunEdit

Charge of sun

The Charge of sun is the only charge that can be used to deal additional damage to Nogitsune. This charge deals 70 damage (though glitched as 112) additional damage to her and can be earned as a battle drop of defeating her in a round or by purchasing it for 18 rubies.

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