Naginata is a challenger weapon in Shadow Fight 2, used by the challenger Hawk from Act II. Defeating Hawk will reward the player with this weapon. It comes enchanted with Bloodrage.

Attack OverviewEdit

  • Spear Slash: The player thrusts the naginata forward.
  • Spear Double Slash: The player thrusts the naginata forward, then steps forward and thrusts the naginata forward once more.
  • Spear Strong Slash: The player leaps forward and thrusts the naginata forward.
  • Naginata Super Slash: The player steps forward while swinging the naginata vertically, then pivots on one foot and swings the naginata horizontally.
  • Spear Spinning Slash: The player pivots on one foot, bends down, and thrust the naginata upwards.
  • Spear Upper Slash: The player bends down, then steps forward and thrust the naginata upwards.
  • Spear Low Slash: The player pulls the naginata backwards, steps forward, and thrust the naginata downwards.
Move Name Power How to Perform Combo
Spear Stance Start of Fight
Spear Slash 7Base damage Punch
Spear Double Slash 6Base damage
8Base damage
Punch, Punch
Spear Strong Slash 10Base damage Forward+Punch
Naginata Super Slash 10Base damage
14Base damage
Forward+Punch, Punch
Spear Spinning Slash 9Base damage Backward+Punch
Spear Upper Slash 10Base damage Up+Punch
Spear Low Slash 10Base damage Down+Punch


  • The Bloodrage enchantment on the Naginata has a different mechanic from the usual Bloodrage: the player will lose health by 10% of damage dealt instead of 30%. Ronin's Dadao from Act VI shares a similar feature.
  • The naginata is a traditionally-made polearm weapon from Japan. It were originally used by the samurai class of feudal Japan, as well as by warrior monks, women of the samurai class, and foot soldiers.