[Double Scythes]
Weapon sectional scythe
Precision 1622-1867
Star45-52 Shop
Base Stats
Weapon attack1158-1333 Critical chanceN/A
Credit N/A Ruby 84
Upgrade Data
Level Upgrade
Ruby 79 Weapon attack+7
Regular Upgrade
Ruby 9 Weapon attack+6
Mowers are a gem weapon unlocked at Act VII: Chapter 1 in Shadow Fight 2. They are unlocked at level 45, along with the Reaver. Mowers have very quick attacks that involve lots of jumps, and are a mixture of axes, claws, and the normal weapon itself. They are used by the fighter Tripwire, the ghost Pandemia, and their Looter counterpart.

Moveset Edit

Axe Slash: The user swings a axe down vertically.

Axe Double Slash: The user swings a axe down vertically, then pivots on one foot and swings both axes down vertically.

Mowers Slash: The user jumps forward and swings both mowers upwards, one by one.

Mowers Super Slash: The user swings a mower upwards, connects both of them and does a backflip, until finally they disconnect the mowers and duck down, swinging both of them away from each other.

Claw Spin Slash: The user spins and hooks the claw on the enemy.

Claw Upper Slash: Starting from the bottom, the user swings the claw upwards.

Claw Low Slash: The user hooks the enemy's foot and drags them toward the user.

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