Morning Stars are a weapon in Shadow Fight 2. It is unlocked at level 38 during the Interlude, along with the Leeches.

Attack Overview Edit

  • Batons Slash: Shadow bends forward and swings a baton downward.
  • Batons Double Slash: Shadow bends forward, swings a baton downward, then swings the other baton horizontally.
  • Batons Strong Slash: Shadow steps forward and swings a baton downward.
  • Batons Super Slash: Shadow steps forward while swinging a baton horizontally, and then steps forward, kneels, and swings the other baton upward.
  • Batons Spinning Slash: Shadow pivots on one foot and swings a baton horizontally.
  • Batons Upper Slash: Shadow bends forward and swings a baton upward.
  • Batons Low Slash: Shadow bends forward and swings a baton horizontally at a downward angle. 
Move Name Power How to Perform Combo
Batons Stance Start of Fight
Batons Slash 8Base damage Punch
Batons Double Slash 8Base damage
10Base damage
Punch, Punch
Batons Strong Slash 10Base damage Forward+Punch
Batons Super Slash 10Base damage
13Base damage
Forward+Punch, Punch
Batons Spinning Slash 12Base damage Backward+Punch
Batons Upper Slash 12Base damage Up+Punch
Batons Low Slash 12Base damage Down+Punch

Trivia Edit

  • The Maces, which are unlocked in Act IV are closer to actual Morning Stars due to them having spikes, while these so-called "Morning Stars" only have flanges.