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After Shadow defeats Colonel, the fourth bodyguard of Shogun, the latter orders his fifth bodyguard General to find and execute Shadow and his allies. General promises to round up the best mercenary unit in order to hunt down Shadow. Before Shadow can fight General and reach Shogun he must defeat the five-man mercenary unit of Shogun and General.

The storyline fight then deviates from its usual simple duel to more of a survival-style battle where in each round Shadow must face one mercenary at a time and defeat them to proceed to the next without losing. Losing a round will make Shadow restart his fight from the first mercenary onward much like survival. Each round is timed 99 seconds and does not have any altered rules or conditions. Like survival, defeating each mercenary has its own respective reward in coins and XP which are cumulated and offered after the defeat of the last mercenary.

After all mercenaries have been beaten, Shadow proceeds to fight Shogun's final bodyguard General.

Mercenaries & Weapons Edit

In the order of their appearance:

  1.  First mercenary wields Sais.
  2. Second mercenary wields Blade Tonfas.
  3. Third mercenary wields Dual Wakizashi.
  4. Fourth mercenary wields Needle Claws.
  5. Fifth mercenary wields Spiked Axes.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike all other characters from the storyline (except Shin, Lynx's first bodyguard), none of the mercenaries have a speaking role of their own.
  • Fight with the mercenaries is the first survival type fight in the storyline. Second is during the battle of Gates of Shadows, third is in the interlude where all main story fights are of that nature, and fourth is the fight with Cronos which is guarded by Looters (Act VII).
  • Mercenaries do not reappear in Interlude.
  • Third mercenary wields an unobtainable Dual Wakizashi, which are the same as Major's.
  • Fourth mercenary wields Needle Claws, like Lynx's claws, but thinner.
  • Fifth mercenary wields modified and unobtainable Axes.