Boss crystal
Basic Information
Name Megalith
Type Raid-Boss
Role Eternal
Status Alive
Gender Male
Further Information
Act Underworld
Dan 1
Shield 5600
Time limit 10:50
Equipment and Perks
Weapon Coral Prickles
Ranged Weapon Throwing Spikes
Magic(s) Ice Pillar

Megalith is the second Eternal encountered in Underworld, the multiplayer mode of Shadow Fight 2. He is one of the four bosses of the first floor (along with Volcano, Fungus, and Vortex). He has a shield of 5600 points which needs to be destroyed within 10 minutes and 50 seconds by six players before they can finish him.

The players can obtain the keys to fight him by defeating Volcano. Some daily quests also can rewards the players with Megalith keys upon completed. If the players do not have any Megalith keys, they can buy one for 15 gems.

Megalith is the only Eternal that does not have any perks or enchantments. But, this is easily compensated by his extremely fast moves and aggressive attacks compared to standard enemies. He is immune to the Stun enchantment.


In order to challenge Megalith, players require:

  • Key1

Rewards Edit

Defeating Megalith will reward the players with Fungus Key. They may receive additional rewards such as Minor Charges of Darkness or Megalith Key. Players have a chance to receive one of the rewards listed below.

1st PlaceEdit

2nd-6th PlaceEdit

Quotes Edit

  • This mine is a sacred place. Why are you here? Leave and meet your destiny with honor. The last thing you will hear is the earth trembling beneath your feet. - Megalith warns the players to flee
  • I've treated humans kindly, a rare trait among the Eternals. I helped your species many times. So run and say your last goodbyes to your dear ones! - If the players fail to destroy his shield
  • Damnation! Shall I have to wait for thousands of years again? I've moved continents! Cleansing the earth was my role! - Upon defeat.
  • All this fuss is so bothering. I squashed the spider that has been diverting me from my reflection, but three more crawled in instantly! - Halloween 2016 update.
  • You said the events included fortunetelling and a masquerade, so I brought a magic mirror. And for the first time in a millenium, I can see my reflection. This mask makes me look old! - Halloween 2017 update.


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