Character master
Basic Information
Name Master
Type Bodyguard
Role Martial arts teacher
Status Unknown
Gender Male
Further Information
Act Act VII: Chapter 3
Equipment and Perks
Weapon Composite Sword
Mortal Thorns
Magic(s) Wrath of Flame
Master is the second bodyguard of Titan, met in Act VII: Chapter 3. He is one of the warriors who came from another world, a parallel universe. He shared similar traits with Shadow and, like him, were able to survive the powerful emission of shadow energy and pass through the Gates alive. However, unlike Shadow, he did not have a strong enough will power to control it and ended up getting corrupted by the energy and becoming enslaved to Titan. He is the greatest martial arts teacher that has founded a great school. Like Shadow, Master gained the ability to walk between the worlds after he survived from the Gates.

Master appears as a powerful combatant. He has a long braid and wears a red clothes with dragons symbol. Master sees himself as the greatest teacher who has no match. Instead of imparting knowledge, he uses duels with his disciples as a means to reassert his superiority. Upon defeat he gloats about how his school will ensure that his name is remembered forever while Shadow is simply forgotten.


Master uses Composite Sword as his weapon of choice.

He wears Leather Jacket as his Armor.

His ranged weapons of choice are Mortal Thorns.

He uses Wrath of Flame as his Magic.

Perks and Enchantments

Master utilizes perks and enchantments that helps him on attacks and defense (just like Shadow and Titan's other Bodyguards).

  • Avenger IconAvenger

A 20% chance to trigger Avenger, which grants a Critical Hit with with 138% damage for 5 seconds after receiving a Critical Hit.

  • Concussion IconConcussion

A 35% chance to prevent player use of magic or ranged weapons for 8 seconds after a Head Hit.

  • Steel Foot IconStunningFoot

A 25% chance to knock down players with a kick. This chance is doubled if Master is in the air.

  • Full Power IconEnergyRush

A 60% chance to increase Master's magic damage by 56% for 4 seconds after his magic is fully charged.

  • Helm Breaker IconHelmBreaker

A 60% chance to increase Master's Head Hit damage for 5 seconds after dealing a Head Hit. Appear after Master is defeated once, in Eclipse replays only.

  • Magic RechargeEnchantmentMagicRecharge

Master's Composite Sword is enchanted with Magic Recharge, giving him a chance to increase his magic recharge from a successful hit by 300%.

  • RegenerationEnchantmentRegeneration

Master's Armor is enchanted with Regeneration, giving a chance to regenerate 4.5% of his health for 5 seconds after being hit.

  • ShieldingEnchantmentShielding

Master's head is enchanted with Shielding, giving him a chance to reduce incoming damage by 75% for 7 seconds after receiving Head Hit.

  • OverheatEnchantmentOverheat

Master's ranged weapons is enchanted with Overheat, giving a chance in each strike to put a buff on him for 5 seconds that makes his next strike inflict 200% more damage.



  • Mastery of combat is above all else. I have no match, so I choose to challenge the Eternity, so that I could excel myself. - Master's first words
  • I have become the greatest Master of the Orient. The rare disciple who earns an audience with me only reminds me of my superiority. - Before fighting him
  • You, wayward moron! I have founded a great school, and my name will be remembered, and pronounced gushingly! And you shall simply be forgotten... - After he is defeated


  • Master's Composite Sword has different enchantment than the one in the shop.
  • He and the other Bodyguards of Titan (except for Guru) uses a gem weapon.
  • Like Shadow, he and the other Bodyguards of Titan utilize perks and enchantments.

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