Marcus is one of the main characters in Shadow Fight 3. He makes his first appearance in Chapter III, where he is fought as the second boss. Marcus was the leader of an army that aimed to destroy the Heralds, the Dome, and the Shadow Sphere. He almost succeeds, before Bolo teleports him to the timeless dimension, trapping him in an endless time cycle. The player defeats his glitched copy and thereby manages to break him out. 

Story Edit

Marcus was encouraging his army to attack the Dome when the player, June, and Itu suddenly appears before him and his army. He then commands one of his soldiers to arrest them, but the soldier gets defeated by the player instead. Not wanting to waste his soldiers, Marcus ordered the trio to join him in the "holy war" with the Heralds. They agree to help him and they begin the invasion the next day. When they reach the forest of anomalies, Marcus suddenly glitches and remembers that he has gone through this a million times before and he will forget this again, just like before. This causes all of them to return to the time before invasion.

A Lost Scout from the current time reveals that Marcus holds the whole time anomaly by his own willpower, and the source of all the time illusions actually came from within Marcus himself. The trio must defeat his copy so they can save Marcus and escape the time warp. None of his soldiers will turn against their beloved leader, so the trio has to do the job. A glitched Marcus then challenges the player to fight. After he is defeated, Marcus wakes up from the time warp and the trio can escape. When June considers taking Marcus with them, Marcus refuses because does not want to leave his men behind in the time loop, even if it means he must be trapped once more.

Marcus' attempt to save his people is futile. He then comes to the Void room and informs the trio there that he will destroy the Shadow Sphere. If the player chooses to support him, he will be given the power of the Shadow Sphere at the end of Chapter III.

Fight with Marcus Edit

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Marcus is fought in a glitched state as the second boss of Chapter III. He fights with the Legion fighting style and wields a Giant Sword as his weapon. The Giant Sword is heavy and slow, however, it packs high damage. He is glitched in this fight, which can cause him to suddenly warp near the player. Unlike other bosses, Marcus does not utilize any special ability or Shadow abilities.

Marcus also can be fought in the Training mode, at the end of Chapter III, if the player chooses to destroy the Sphere.

Trivia Edit

  • Marcus makes an appearance in the official cinematic trailer of Shadow Fight 3, along with Itu and June, where he is trying to destroy the Shadow Sphere.