Mantis is the third bodyguard of Hermit in Act II of Shadow Fight 2. He wields Oriental Sabers as his melee weapons. Mantis, like all disciples of Hermit, is named after a martial arts style: the Praying Mantis Kung Fu. Like the earlier disciples of Hermit, he really does not respect his master, due to his strong aversion of Magic. Unlike other disciples, who wants to use Hermit powers for themselves, Mantis want to destroy it because he thinks that Magic has no place in martial arts.

In Act II, Mantis tells Shadow that he'll get Hermit's power and it will end with him. Once he is defeated, he reveals Hermit's secret, Magic, and warns Shadow to beware of magic.

He returns in Interlude, where he fights Shadow as Hermit's third bodyguard.

Quotes Edit

  • No one should posses such power. This competition is pointless. I will win and the secret will end with me. - Mantis challenges the player
  • Heed my warnings! Magic has no place in martial arts. It dirties the mind, clouds the focus, and in the wrong hands it can bring destruction and despair. - Mantis defeated

Trivia Edit

  • Even though he despise Magic so much, Mantis uses it when he is fought in Interlude.