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The Order is the organization the founder and leader of the order is Lynx which Lynx's five bodyguards are members of the order. It is unknown what The Order does, but it seems to be a criminal organization that works undercover. When Dandy is defeated, Lynx tells Shadow that Assassin's organization needs a new member, and that Shadow possesses desirable qualities for a member of The Order.

Members Edit

Quotes by Members Edit

Brick:"Such an insignificant creature like you is hardly a challenge for me. Prepare to be crushed, little man!

Needle:"I am defeated? Impossible! The Order will not ignore this outrage! You will be hunted and punished, Shadow!"

Ghost:"I beat Lynx easily the first time I fought him. However, when I removed the mask I saw only a dummy. Then I felt his claws digging into my the back of my neck. I have served him ever since."

Ghost:"My defeat only serves to strengthen Lynx. With each battle he learns more of your moves, your skill, and thus, how to defeat you."

Dandy:"Honor and tradition? Ha! The Order is merely a playground for me, a minor amusement, a way to hone my already impressive sword skills."

Dandy:"I've grown bored of this life, the Order. I wish to return to my true place, my seat of high power. But don't think that Lynx will be so easy. He will not fail!"

Lynx:"You think defeating my guards proves your strength? They were weaklings, pawns, easily forgotten and replaced. But the Order has need of one with your skill, your drive. You must choose: join us or suffer."

Lynx::" Ha! You can't beat me, Shadow. Why do you even try?"

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