Lost Scout, or simply Scout, is a minor character, first appearing in Chapter III of Shadow Fight 3. He is a Legion scout that actively patrolling the area around the Legion territory.


Chapter III: HeraldsEdit

Being the one that know about Marcus and his army, which are trapped by Bolo in a time glitch, he entered the time glitch through Falcon's Gorge in order to save him and the army, hoping to bring the Legion to victory. When he found the trio in the time glitch, he was trying to deal with them so they did not mess his plan up. After the player defeats him, he then informs them on how to escape the time glitch. The source of all the time illusions actually come from Marcus' will to get out, and they can escape by defeating Marcus' glitched copy, which will free Marcus as well.

Special QuestsEdit

Scout spends most of his time patrolling the Legion territory to make sure everything is under control. When he find any weird or villainous activity, Scout will informs the player and offers them to take part in dealing with these, and he will pay the player with tokens in return.

So far, there are three cases that the Scout has found:

  1. A group of exiled Legionaries residing in a cursed swamp, plotting to get their revenge at the Legion.
  2. A cult inside a forest that worship death, kidnapping villagers to turn them into sacrificial for their ritual.
  3. A Legion officer that deserted with his squad to stole a ship and rob everyone on the Dynasty waters.

Quest FightEdit

Main article: Patient Zero

Lost Scout is fought as an enemy in Chapter III. The players must score two victories in order to win. He fights with the Legion fighting style, utilizes two Shadow abilities, and wields Maces as weapons. Maces features the same moves as Hammers.