Lilith is the Halloween-special challenger in Shadow Fight 2. She wears a witch's suit and a witch's hat. Defeating her will reward the player with her weapon, Devil's Broom. If the player loses there will be two options:

  • Leave
  • Retry by giving 1 gem

Quotes Edit

  • "Trick or treat! The spirits are nigh! Do you hear them whispering? Once in a year they awaken to watch a spectacular fight."
  • "The winner gets this broom, a symbol of the incredible might of the warriors of the past. But... it’s been mine for ages! The spirits are bored... and angry!"
  • "Hello! What a fine costume! Who are you today, dear? A hero or a villain? Or just a kid on a quest for some sweets? Ha!"
  • "Oh, not again... No, no, please don’t yell all at once! Can you hear them? Now they’ll be shouting in my head! Oh, come back, please..!"
  • "The spirits are so fond of offerings... I think I could convince them giving you another chance if you’d donate a few coins..."
  • "The spirits doubt if my choice was right. Let’s prove them wrong! I trust in you, my dear!"
  • "Incredible! After so many years I can finally leave this job! Take your prize, my hero. And be blessed by the warrior spirits!"
  • "Are you sure? I doubt you'll ever see her again if you quit now."

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Trivia Edit

  • The fight with Lilith is the second fight that takes place in dojo, while the first being Festivus.
  • She can be fought at any level, from 4 to 52.
  • She, along with Morgana, are the only characters in the entire game that has her avatar showing her full apperance.
  • Full moon can be seen in her avatars background.
  • She is the second special-event challenger, while the first being Festivus.
  • She is the second challenger fight to have her difficulty level viewed as "???", while the first being Festivus.