Lightning Arrow
Magic lightning arrow
No Enchantment
Star25 Shop
Base Stats
Weapon attack609 Critical chanceN/A
Gold 68,000 Ruby 21
Upgrade Data
Level Upgrade
Ruby ??? Weapon attack+???
Regular Upgrade
Ruby ??? Weapon attack???

Lightning Arrow is a magic in Shadow Fight 2. It is the first magic on Act V: The Greatest Temptation, unlocked at level 25. Lightning Arrow is used by Hermit, Wasp (after losing once), and by various fighters and ninjas.

Description Edit

The user pulls one hand while forming an electricity on the hand, then leans forward and launches the lightning at the enemy. The lightning will travels horizontally across the battlefield. When the attack hits, the enemy is knocked backwards and receives significant damage.

Trivia Edit

  • Lightning Arrow's magic deployment is one of the fastest in Shadow Fight 2.
  • Unlike other magics, which lose their full charge when being summoned, Lightning Arrow will lose it's full charge when the magic is being propelled forward. This means it's possible for the users to still keep its full charge if their deployment is interrupted.

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