This page is about the weapon in Shadow Fight 2. Not to be confused with Kris from Shadow Fight 1.

Weapon keris
No Enchantment
Star10 Shop
Base Stats
Weapon attack211 Critical chanceN/A
Gold 9,240 Ruby 34
Upgrade Data
Level Upgrade
Ruby 79 Weapon attack+7
Regular Upgrade
Ruby 9 Weapon attack+6

Krises are a weapon from Act II in Shadow Fight 2. They are unlocked at level 10, along with the Harrier Hooks. They are used by the bodyguard Shark, the fighter Mountain and their Ninja counterpart. Their basic moves are the same as the Knives, however the Super Slash is vastly different.

Attack Overview Edit

  • Knives Slash: The character swings a kris horizontally.
  • Knives Double Slash: The character swings a kris horizontally, steps forward, and swings the other kris horizontally.
  • Knives Strong Slash: The character steps forward and swings a kris downward.
  • Krises Super Slash: The character charges forward as they swinging both krises horizontally twice, then dashes forward as they spinning and swings the krises horizontally, performing an up to six-hit combo.
  • Knives Spinning Slash: The character pivots on one foot while swinging a kris horizontally.
  • Knives Upper Slash: The character performs an uppercut with a kris.
  • Knives Low Slash: The character bends forward and swings a kris horizontally at a downward angle.

Tactics Edit

  • Due to its super slash combo, Krises is a good choice for "score victory" challenge.


  • Kris is a dagger produced in many regions of Indonesia. While most strongly associated with the culture of Indonesia, the kris is also indigenous to Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Singapore and the Philippines where it is known as kalis with variants existing as a sword rather than a dagger.

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