Knuckles are a weapon in Shadow Fight 2, unlocked at Level 2. The knuckles have extremely limited range and its basic moves are the same as the character's bare fists, but they are very quick and powerful. Its Super Slash, when used at the right time, is extremely lethal and is capable of giving high damage to the enemies. They are used by the fighter Madman and by Cleric, a character from the Special Edition.

Attack Overview Edit

  • Knuckles Straight Punch: The character punches forward.
  • Knuckles Strong Punch: The character steps forward, squats, and punches forward.
  • Knuckles Super Slash: The character charges forward while performing two downward spinning punches, then steps forward and punches forward.
  • Knuckles Spinning Slash: The character pivots on one foot while performing a horizontal spinning punch.
  • Knuckles Uppercut: The character performs an uppercut.
  • Knuckles Low Punch: The character bends forward and punches at a downward angle.
Move Name Power How to Perform Combo
Knuckles Stance Start of Fight
Knuckles Straight Punch 11Base damage Punch
Knuckles Strong Punch 13Base damage Forward+Punch
Knuckles Super Slash 8Base damage
12Base damage
12Base damage
Forward+Punch, Punch
Knuckles Spinning Punch 18Base damage Backward+Punch
Knuckles Uppercut 20Base damage Up+Punch
Knuckles Low Punch 16Base damage Down+Punch