Katars are a gem weapon from Act VI in Shadow Fight 2. They are unlocked at level 32, along with Silver Spear. Katars have the same movesets as the Knuckles. However they have a slightly higher range than the Knuckles, but also slightly weaker damage. Katars are wielded by the fighter Thief and his Ninja counterpart. 

Attack OverviewEdit

  • Katars Straight Punch: Character punches forward.
  • Katars Strong Punch: Character steps forward, squats, and punches forward.
  • Katars Super Slash: Character charges forward while performing two downward spinning punches, then steps forward and punches forward.
  • Katars Spinning Slash: Character pivots on one foot while performing a horizontal spinning punch.
  • Katars Uppercut: Character performs an uppercut.
  • Katars Low Punch: Character bends forward and punches at a downward angle.
Move Name Power How to Perform Combo
Katars Stance Start of Fight
Katars Straight Punch 10Base damage Punch
Katars Strong Punch 12Base damage Forward+Punch
Katars Super Slash 9Base damage
11Base damage
11Base damage
Forward+Punch, Punch
Katars Spinning Punch 15Base damage Backward+Punch
Katars Uppercut 18Base damage Up+Punch
Katars Low Punch 14Base damage Down+Punch


  • Katar is a weapon that originated from south India. It shows the status symbol of the owner. The Indian nobility often wore katar for self-defense and as a symbol of their social status.