Character kali
Basic Information
Name Kali
Type Major Character
Role Liaison Officer
Status Alive
Gender Female
Further Information
Act Act VII: Revelation
Kali is a main character in Act VII . She replaces May in Act VII, she helps Shadow about weapons, money. She also goes everywhere with Shadow to help him to defeat Titan .

Quotes Edit

  • Glad I made it in time! Get up; we must leave quickly. Shroud will not stay unconscious for long! (After saving Shadow from Shroud)
  • My name's Kali. Pleased to meet you... Shadow? That's an interesting name. Come on, I'll take you somewhere safe
  • Listen, Cypher! This is Shadow; I saw him come through the Gates, and he's still alive. It's a miracle! But Shroud was his welcoming committee.
  • Here you'll meet heroes from innumerable planes. They found themselves stuck here after Titan annexed their worlds, adding them to his vast domain.
  • Cypher managed to unite them under his command, but they can be difficult to deal with. You'll have to earn their respect.
  • There's a looters' camp not far from here. There might be something useful there, but the camp is heavily guarded. Will you help?
  • But every champion has failed - and after that, another world followed his fate. I saw that with my own eyes.
  • Oh, I remember that one. He returned insane, and then just ran away again. That was a real mess...
  • So, it seems that Cronos is our best chance at finding the ancient one. Let's go!
  • Well, he's switched off. Let me check his memory chip. And... Done! The ancient one is in the Stone Grove. It's a real tomb, but we have no choice. Let's go!
  • No. It can't be him! This must be some kind of trap!
  • What's that? Some kind of money from your world? Funny. But they're nothing but junk here. Our coins are different. Here, take some as my gift.
  • Wow, who's that approaching? He's both festive and... militant ?
  • Shadow is the champion who's come to defeat Titan! Will you help us ?
  • You don't understand! Shadow is different, outstanding! If you help us, Titan will fall! You'd know that if you saw what Shadow went through to get here.
  • Did you teach Shroud?!
  • But do you now believe that Shadow has a chance against Titan? Will you help us?
  • We found Ancient. It was a mostly useless meeting. But Shadow now looks like one of Titan's soldiers. Ancient can change others forms as well as his own.
  • Don't be silly. I am not his "girlfriend", I am his liaison officer. And he's here for you!
  • So it's back to plan A: we're going to the Citadel with Shadow disguised as Titan's soldier.
  • Scavengers. Titan runs horrible experiments on his prisoners, drives them mad with pain, then throws them away from the Citadel when he no longer needs them.
  • Shadow Energy is like both food and dope for them. Strange. The Scavengers are usually scared of Titan's soldiers, but now they seem to...
  • Kali to Cypher. The Scavengers attacked us. They were babbling about a source of "pure Shadow Energy". Do you know of it?
  • No! Fear is a luxury we can't afford. As long as you keep May under guard, Titan will not recognize Shadow. We're entering the Citadel now!
  • What?! How did she escape?
  • Skank!
  • It's okay. Just breathe. Titan kidnapped you, but Shadow gave chase. Now pull yourself together. We'll have time to discuss all that happened...
  • That was the purpose of Shadow's mission: to set you free. Just go! The rest of us - we have things to do here. It's your turn, Shadow!

Trivia Edit

  • Kali is the one of the rare characters that shown with eyes. Most of characters eyes are hidden.
  • Kali's name is a reference to Kali, also known as Escrima. Kali is a martial art focused on combat with batons, swords, and daggers. Considering the nature of Shadow Fight 2 as a fighting game, her name is appropriate.
  • She is the only character that interferes during a fight , while nobody else does (except Shogun's bodyguards)

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