Kagun Fan is a minor character in Shadow Fight 3, met in Chapter I. She is a girl who idolizes Kagun, a mythological Legion hero who fought some fearsome creatures, whom the Legion pays Honor for, by making a theatre dedicated for the Hero. The theatre is named "Legend's Theatre".

Kagun Fan guides the player in Legends Theatre, a series of side quests in Chapter I. She tells the player that the theatre is celebrating Kagun's heroic acts in a fancy dress-fight, and she offers the player to play Kagun role. In each side quest, Kagun Fan will tell the player the story of Kagun that they will play, and the player will be representing the deeds made by Kagun, confronting various Legionaries, playing the roles of horrible creatures that the hero faced. Each play will have rule that applied to the fight, which depends accordingly to the story.


  • Kagun Fan is the only character who has a dedicated avatar portrait, but not fought in any way.
  • Unlike all the rest of notable Legionaries who are usually trained soldiers, Kagun Fan is not a soldier.
  • Since this is a legion event, and taking to note that Legion despises Shadow Energy, no fight in the theatre involves Shadow Form.
  • During the quest, the player will be equipped with Kagun's Woolfell and Kagun's Horns, an Epic armor and helm, respectively. The player will be wielding different Legion weapons in each quest, with some weapons are unavailable Epic weapons.
  • Legends Theatre side quests resembles the Ascension mode in Shadow Fight 2, except for the rewards. In Ascension, the owner of a theatre comes to asks the main protagonist to play the role of a Monk that protect a forest from evil spirits and bandits, similar to how Kagun Fan offers Kagun role to the player. The fights in Ascension also carry random rules just like the fights in Legends Theatre.