Man batons 4

Irbis is Widow's first bodyguard. He is one of the men charmed by Widow. Irbis uses batons as his weapon. He has grey hair and wears a blue headband with a sleeveless fur-rimmed blue shirt. After his defeat he reveals that before being charmed by Widow he used to be a raider.

Quotes Edit

  • Widow is my goddess! I would give all the riches in the world just to see her smile at me. - Irbis first words
  • I saw the way you were looking at her... her face will be the last thing you ever see! - Irbis challenges the player
  • I came as a marauder, but something changed. There's a light in my heart for Widow. But I failed. I... I am not worthy of her affection. - After defeating him

Trivia Edit

  • He is the third bodyguard to use batons, the first being Brick from Act I and the second Bull from Act III.

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