Ice Pillar
Magic ice pins
No Enchantment
StarN/A Not obtainable
Base Stats
Weapon attackN/A Critical chanceN/A
Gold N/A Ruby N/A
Upgrade Data
Level Upgrade
Ruby ??? Weapon attack+???
Regular Upgrade
Ruby ??? Weapon attack???

Ice Pillar is a magic in Shadow Fight 2. It is one of the unobtainable magics in the game. Ice Pillar is used by Widow (after losing twice and at Gates of Shadows and Interlude). It is also used by the Eternal Megalith and the Christmas-special challenger Freeze.

Description Edit

Ice Pillar works similar to the Dark Implosion unlocked at Act IV. User forms an ice crystal on one hand. After a brief moment, the user smashes the ice into the ground, forming a wave of ice stalagmites. It will travels the ground all the way to the enemy. Once it hits the enemy, a big stalagmite of ice is formed underneath enemy's feet, damaging them.

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