HP 750
Seals 3Red Seal
EXP 200
Pg 150 (1 time)
  • 350 (5 times)
  • 550 (25 times)
TG 3
Seals Blue Seal

"She is beautiful and treacherous, her smile as cold as her steel fans. Beware - she will cut out your heart without warning or remorse." In Shadow Fight, Huntress is a boss. She has 750 HP and wields a weapon named Hunter's Fans. Her counterpart in Shadow Fight 2 is Widow.

Hunter's FansEdit

Hunter's Fans

The player can randomly earn a fragment of the weapon as a battle drop after defeating Huntress completely. Like any other boss weapon, the player will need 5 fragments to merge into the Hunter's Fans.

Once the Hunter's Fans have been merged, the weapon will be in the Inventory for the player to equip and use. The weapon adds 90% more power to the player's attacks and can be used in the Hall of Light tournament and other tournaments with no weaponry requirements.


Upon defeating the Huntress for a certain number of times, players can earn awards and also earn more glory from them.

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