Hoaxen is the seventh Eternal of the Underworld. He is one of the three bosses in the second floor (along with Fatum and Arkhos), and is the last boss of the tier 2. Hoaxen has a shield of 11,500 points, which has to be destroyed in 7 minutes and 50 seconds by six players before they can finish him. Players must reach Dan 6 before they can challenge him. He uses Harrier Hooks as his weapon and fights with him carry random rules.

The players can obtain the keys to fight him by defeating Arkhos. If the players do not have any Hoaxen keys, they can buy one key for 150 gems.

In battle, Hoaxen is very aggressive. He has extreme offense power, making it possible for him to instantly defeat any players with just one strike. He is immune to the Stun enchantment.

After defeated, Hoaxen mentions the one that rules over the Eternals. He says that the Father is waiting.


In order to challenge Hoaxen, players require:

  • 1 Key6
  • Dan 6

Possible rules: Edit

  • Hidden healthbar
  • Hot ground (12 seconds)
  • Inverted movements
  • No blocks
  • Your health regenerates

Perks and Enchantments: Edit

  • Soul Extract

Hoaxen can extend the tentacles from his back to pierce through the player, which has the ability to make their soul coming out from their body. If the players get hit, they will be incapacitated for a moment before they can move again. Players can easily avoid his tentacles by rolling or jump (extreme), or they can prevent it by always staying close to Hoaxen.

  • Cobra IconCobra

A chance that during first 3 seconds of a round Hoaxen's First Strike would reduce players' health by 25%.

  • Avenger IconAvenger

A chance to trigger Avenger, which grants a Critical Hit with increased damage for 5 seconds after receiving a Critical Hit.

  • Helm Breaker IconHelmBreaker

A chance to increase Head Hit damage for 5 seconds after dealing a Head Hit.

  • Pain Rage IconPainRage

A chance to increase damage for 8 seconds after receiving a Head Hit.

  • Block Breaker IconBlockBreaker

A chance to bypass players' blocks.

  • Martial Spirit IconMartialSpirit

A chance to increase Hoaxen's magic recharge from a successful unarmed attack by 100%.

  • Magic RechargeEnchantmentMagicRecharge

Hoaxen's weapons and head are enchanted with Magic Recharge, giving him a chance to increase his magic recharge from a successful hit by 300% and from taking a Head Hit by 700%.

  • OverheatEnchantmentOverheat

Hoaxen's body is enchanted with Overheat, giving him a chance in each hit taken to put a buff on him that makes his next strike inflict 200% more damage.

  • StunEnchantmentStun

Hoaxen's ranged weapons and magic are enchanted with Stun, giving him a chance to stun the player for 5 seconds after a successful hit.

Rewards Edit

Defeating Hoaxen will reward the players with various amounts of Charges of Darkness and Keys. Players in the first place will receive Large Charge of Darkness, and a chance to receive more valuable Keys. Additionally, in the current 2018 Valentine event, players in the first and second place will receive Coins of Love (50 for first and 10 for second). Players have a chance to receive one of the rewards listed below.

1st PlaceEdit

2nd-10th PlaceEdit

Quotes Edit

All your life is only an illusion. And we are its creators. We shall drive you mad while others count upon brute force. Fire, water, diseases - hah! (Hoaxen greets the player)

Laughing at us, human? My brother suggests your souls to be sent to the abyss of eternal misery... Then your world shall yield, without a single drop of blood. (Answering Sensei)

I would've killed you, for my mercy is truly boundless. But my brother is less tolerant; you're free to go, in case if you don't lose your wits on the way out. (if the players fail to destroy his shield)

Where are you, brother? I can't hear your voice anymore! Truly, being locked all alone is worse than fire or blade... Go, stupid ones. The Father is waiting. (Hoaxen defeated)


Trivia Edit

  • Hoaxen is one the few Underworld bosses that have enchantments on his equipment (the other ones are Vortex and Arkhos).
  • Hoaxen has two personalities; he refers to himself as "we" or "us", and he refers to his other-self with "brother".