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Helm is one of the four types of equipment that are available in Shadow Fight 3, along with weapon, armor, and ranged weapon. Helm reduces the damage dealt to the head and increase the damage of Shadow Ability.

Helms are classified based on their rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The higher the rarity, the stronger the helm (they have better Shadow Ability and more perks can be attached to them). All helms, except for the common helms, come with Shadow ability.

Helms can be bought from the store. Otherwise, they can be obtained from chests won in duels, booster packs, or looted from defeated opponents. If the players receive a helm that already owned, a part of an upgrade bar will fill up. When the upgrade bar fully filled up, the helm will be upgraded, and a number of Shadow Energy will be given. Better chests and booster packs may contain helms with higher rarity. As for the drops from opponents, the players may obtain helms with random rarity; it is possible to get a helm with Epic or Legendary rarity, but the chance is small.


Introduced in Chapter I.

Name Picture Rarity Shadow Ability Slot(s)
Mountaineer’s Cap
Helm str 03
Common N/A 1
Nomad's Cap
Helm str 12
Common N/A 1
Campaigner's Helm
Helm str 15
Common N/A 1
Purists’ Helm Common N/A 1
Morion Common N/A 1
Visored Casque
Helm str 01
Rare Choke 1
Bedrock Helm
Helm str 08
Rare Choke 1
Scout's Hat
Helm str 11
Rare Choke 1
Steel Guard Rare Choke 1
Marauder's Helm Rare Choke 1
Cuirassier Helm
Helm str 02
Epic Uppercut 2
Kagun's Horns
Helm str 14
Epic Uppercut 2
Swamper's Headgear
Helm str 17
Epic Uppercut 2
Rigid Barbute Epic Uppercut 2
Helm str 24
Epic Uppercut 2
Determination Point
Helm str 27
Epic Uppercut 2
Helm str 09
Legendary Uppercut 2
Liquidator's Headpiece
Helm str 10
Legendary Uppercut 2
Lion's Gaze
Helm str 16
Legendary Uppercut 2
Valor’s Headpiece Legendary Pivot 2
Higher Calling Legendary Pivot 2


Introduced in Chapter II.

Name Picture Rarity Shadow Ability Slot(s)
Seahorse Veil
Helm agl 05
Common N/A 1
Helm agl 08
Common N/A 1
Conical Hat
Helm agl 13
Common N/A 1
Epiphany Kasa Common N/A 1
Tribal Helmet Common N/A 1
Gilded Headgear
Helm agl 01
Rare Whirl 1
Recruit's Hood
Helm agl 06
Rare Whirl 1
Horse-tail Helmet
Helm agl 10
Rare Whirl 1
Crested Visor Rare Whirl 1
Sea Devil's Mask Rare Whirl 1
Serpentine Cap
Helm agl 04
Epic Burst 2
Kernel Casque
Helm agl 11
Epic Burst 2
Cycle Armet
Helm agl 12
Epic Burst 2
Wrapped Kui Epic Burst 2
Sailor Cap Epic Burst 2
Guardian's Helm
Helm agl 02
Legendary Burst 2
Golden Fang Crown
Helm agl 03
Legendary Burst 2
Demon's Crown
Helm agl 14
Legendary Burst 2
Kraken Kabuto Legendary Burst 2
Chief's Crown Legendary Burst 2


Introduced in Chapter III.

Name Picture Rarity Shadow Ability Slot(s)
Solid Band
Helm prc 03
Common N/A 1
Composite Mask
Helm prc 08
Common N/A 1
Leather Casque
Helm prc 09
Common N/A 1
Envoy’s Helm Common N/A 1
Military Sakkat Common N/A 1
Vigilante Mask
Helm prc 04
Rare Repel 1
Kendogu Mask
Helm prc 06
Rare Repel 1
Conical Headgear
Helm prc 12
Rare Repel 1
Scavenger's Mask Rare Repel 1
Deepsea Mask Rare Repel 1
Bright Kabuto
Helm prc 07
Epic Eruption 2
Lunar Shroud
Helm prc 14
Epic Eruption 2
Feldsher's Mask
Helm prc 17
Epic Eruption 2
Crested Cover Epic Eruption 2
Lava Muzzle Epic Eruption 2
Mind Protector
Helm prc 10
Legendary Eruption 2
Crescent Visor
Helm prc 15
Legendary Eruption 2
Shadowdiver's Muzzle
Helm prc 16
Legendary Eruption 2
V.O.A.K. Legendary Eruption 2
Stealth Visor Legendary Eruption 2

Special HelmsEdit

Special helms are limited-time helms that can only be bought from the store with a special currency. They are only available during special events update. Once obtained, special helms will stay with the players even if the event is already over. Their rarity are classified as Unique (comparable to Legendary) and comes with 2 slots.

Name Faction Picture Event Shadow ability Price
Monkey King Mask Dynasty
Helm monkey king
Lunar New Year Burst 900 Lunar Tokens
Eye of the Reaper Legion
Helm str 19
Sanguine Forest Pivot 700 Trophies
Blossom Mask Heralds
Helm sakura
Spring event Eruption 850 Trophies
Frost Helmet Dynasty
Helm frozen dragon
Dragon Lesson Burst 850 Trophies

Trivia Edit

  • During the tutorial, the players will receive and must equip the Visored Casque while being instructed regarding equipment usage.

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