Hawk is the challenger in Act II, encountered when the player reaches level 8-11. He reveals that he has been traveling the land in search of a worthy opponent, much like Shadow. He believes that skill is more important than brute force and will reward the player with his Naginata upon defeat. However, if the players lose then they can either:

  • Leave
  • Retry by giving +3 gems for each retry (with maximum of 30 gems, after 11th try it will always cost 30 gems)


  • BloodrageEnchantmentBloodrage

Hawk's Naginata is enchanted with Bloodrage, giving a chance to deal 200% more damage on his hit, but would also lose 10% of damage dealt in health. This enchantment won't work if it will cause Hawk to lose.


  • I travel the land, searching for the perfect rival, but I've yet to meet one. Could you be the one I'm looking for? - Challenging the player
  • Hermit's tournament is just a vanity fair. It's mastery that matters, not brute strength! My naginata could be yours, if you're skillful enough. - Challenging the player
  • I hoped to meet one who cared about the spirit of martial arts. But you seem to be like all the rest, seeking strength as if it could solve all your problems. - Challenge rejected
  • He may be a stranger to vanity, but not to gambling. I bet he likes the sound of coins jingling even more than the sound of punching fists. - Rematch offer
  • So, you want to place a bet? I like your courage! Yes, I'll give you another chance. After all, no one is born a true master. - Rematch
  • Wait, Shadow! Don't go! Having his naginata could turn the tide of the tournament in our favor!  - Rematch rejected
  • I bow to you, friend. Take my weapon; you earned it. My next quest. . . a new life goal. Perhaps a martial arts school of my own? - After defeating him