Greta is a minor character in Shadow Fight 3, met in Chapter II. Greta is Gizmo's older sister and she makes an appearance during the Legion invasion against the Dynasty.

Greta introduces herself to the player and fights the player as a revenge for what the player has done to Gizmo.

A simulated Gerta has appeared in Shibata‘s Simulation caled “Key Without a Keyhole” angrily saying that she will protect Gizmo at all cost even if the players needs him as the key.

Quest FightEdit

Main article: Big Sister

Greta is fought as an enemy in Chapter II. Player must win two rounds in order to win. She wields Arbitrator as her weapon, and utilizes an exclusive ability and three Shadow abilities.


  • Greta utilizes an unavailable special move, the same move used by Gizmo in the boss fight with him.
  • In the closed beta-test of Shadow Fight 3, Greta played a more significant role in the story. She was a major character in Chapter I, where she continuously opposed Sarge and his Shadow Squad, and was fought as the first boss of Chapter I. She was shown to extremely despise Shadow energy to the point where she refused to use it in battles.